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5 Wardrobe Tips for the 45+ Career Woman. Dress Your Age!

Look Beautiful at any Size, any Age, any Time!
Ask ten women “What is Age Appropriate” and they will all have a different answer.
They will say “I don’t you?”



A woman moves into her 30s and is still dressing like a college student. The downside is that she isn’t being seen for the woman she’s blossomed into. A sixty-year-old tries to capture a memory of her youth by wearing trendy clothes from the junior department. She could end up looking like a character and not a genuine person. In both of these examples, the clothes aren’t appropriate to where these individuals are in life.

When you leave one chapter of your life and enter another, your wardrobe needs to follow and support your transition. Having a wardrobe coach can be immeasurably helpful at times like this. What is right for one women and her lifestyle might not be right for another. When we talk about dressing your age, women sometimes shy away from their feminine sexy side because they no longer feel it is age appropriate. I encourage women to hem their skirt just a little shorter, wear a scoopier neckline, try a higher heel and choose some lovely flowing fabrics. I recently had the pleasure of working with this beautiful woman Georgiene, who always embraced her sexy side. We started paying attention to what was appropriate for her and her lifestyle today. In the end her maturity and femininity shone through to reveal this sophisticated sexy woman.

Georgiene is thrilled to share with you her experience of “Having Fun In Your Closet“, you can read more about this package and others here.


Some Tips to Live by….

1. Keep updated and fresh

Every women must keep her image and wardrobe updated and fresh.
Stay currant but not necessarily trendy.


2. Your hair

Pay close attention to your length and color of your hair. What worked for you in your 20’s and 30s does not necessarily enhance your appearance today. Sometimes too long or bushy can drag your face down. While the right shade for your hair will brighten your complexion.


3. Comfortable shoes

When looking for shoes COMFORT is so important….but Please remember that shoes are an accessory that makes or breaks an outfit. Stay away from bulky frumpy shoes. Today there are a variety of adorable comfortable possibilities, here are some shoe styles that my clients absolutely love.


4.Choosing the correct skirt/dress length

There is a perfect length for every LEG and body type. The right length for you might not necessarily be the right length for your friend the same age.


5. A good fitting bra

Get a good bra fitting and try some new comfortable undergarments. You will be amazed at the difference they can make.

And a BIG Thank You…

The biggest compliment I receive is when people say to me “I hope I look as good as you do when I’m your age”. First I cringe, then I realize what a lovely compliment it is. What is really going on in my head is that I think I am their contemporary even if they are 15-20 years younger than me. You can look in magazines and online and find all sorts of advice on what is considered “age appropriate”, but when I work with women in their closet or the dressing room, a woman only wants to feel great in her outfit. And you can’t put a number on that!

Can’t wait to start looking age appropriate? I would love to talk to you, contact me for a FREE 30 minute consultation!

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