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How to wear prints and patterns!!

In my career I know that it is not unusual for women to shy away prints and patterns. The more color the more pattern the scary it is to try. Some people hesitate wearing prints because it seems difficult or mysterious. Yet wearing them can be so pleasing to you. Let me answer a few questions about prints so you can start wearing them with confidence.

Can petites wear large patterns?
Traditionally it’s been said that petite women should wear small prints. I disagree with that. Clothing always has to be in the right proportion but within that proportion can exist a patterned skirt or top that is larger scale if the woman has large-scale features (eyes, nose, mouth), a booming personality, or is a rule-breaker by nature.

Petites in Patterns

Is there a bold print for everyone?
Not necessarily. However, I have had clients who never thought they could wear a bold print and then when I had them try some on, they absolutely fell in love with the look. So be adventurous. You may think you know what will work best but prepare to be surprised.

bold prints


How do I wear two different stripes in the same outfit?
As an example, consider wearing a stripe combo this way: Pair a narrow blue striped oxford shirt with a wide-leg waist pant in large navy and powder blue stripes.The scales of the stripes are different in each. That difference is what makes mixing stripes successful.


Fun with stripes

How do I choose the right leopard print?
Start with the color. You may already know whether it’s more flattering for you to wear cool colors or warm colors. With that knowledge as your guide, look for a leopard print that follows that same formula. A leopard print could be in shades of gray and black, which would be great for someone with cooler coloring. A leopard print in camel and chocolate brown would better serve someone with warm coloring.


Is Leopard for You?

Can I mix a floral print with a plaid? 
Yes, but be sure they share one color in common. When both prints share a shade of blue, that blue is the glue that makes them pair well together. Perhaps there’s a yellow green in a floral print and a darker yellow-green in a plaid. Even though the yellow-greens aren’t matching, it’s close enough to make it work.

Floral Prints and Plaids

Why bother mixing prints and patterns?
It’s a way to really own your look. You won’t find anyone looking like you. Also, it’s a way to be artistic without paints, canvases, and sketches! You’ve taken the artistry provided by the creators of these patterns to the next level where you then create your own individual art through the magic of your combinations.
Mixing patterns

Pam Banks

I highly encourage you to make friends with prints and patterns this season.  My client Pam Banks looks wonderful in her patterned dress.  Prints and patterns really can bring you so much joy. I’d love to help you collect a handful of prints that truly work for you. I’m just a phone call away!

Do You have a Ruffle skirt hanging all the way back in your closet? It is time to REPURPOSE and have fun wearing it this spring.

Ruffled skirt

Spring Fashion on the runway brought numerous feminine shapes and designs. When wearing a ruffle skirt choose something simple on top. Let the skirt make the statement. This season you can choose any length from mini to ankle. You are the artist of your creation.


Ruffle Skirts
Ruffled skirts
I also wanted to use this occasion to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!!  I have my Husband  two beautiful granddaughters, and my son to send my love to.
Pam and Lenny


Wishing you a fabulous heart happy and heart healthy February!


Holiday Party Style Strategies

Happy Holidays!
I wish all my clients friends, and family Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.
May this be the year that every time you look in the Mirror you say to yourself “YOU GO GIRL “

Pam sitting by Christmas tree

Holiday Party Style Strategies

You’re invited to a party or get together and you want to feel festive. What do you do? Do you rush out to the store after work to buy a new outfit? Do you leave everything to the last minute and try to pull something from your closet from things you’ve worn in past years? Do you have a meltdown and call the hostess and tell her you’re coming down with the flu?

Any one of these three strategies could bring your stress level up near the breaking point. Maybe you get mad at yourself for leaving these details to the last minute. Perhaps you think everyone else must really have it together and only you have problems over what to wear.

Ban those thoughts! Take a deep breath…that’s good…now let’s talk some style sense.
1. There’s good news, you could be more prepared than you realize.
2. By calmly looking at your options, you can get excited about the party instead of dreading it.
3. Everyone goes through fashion breakdowns but you can learn to curb yours with a few tips about how to look festive.

Are you ready to start putting together a few holiday outfits? Inspiration is as close as the fall trends you may have already added to your wardrobe. Here are three style choices to work into your fun holiday looks


Remember those velvet slacks you bought or that velvet jacket you scored this fall.  Combine either with lace and pearls and you’ve got a romantic holiday party theme.


Romantic Velvet

Pleated midi skirt.

This skirt is pretty in a print and glissens in metallic gold or silver. Either one can be a key ingredient for a night of holiday cheer.


Pleated Skirts

Wide leg pants

In satin or prints is a comfortable and in-style choice for a Holiday party. Pair them with your favorite sweater or blouse. You will certainly make a statement.


Wide Leg Pants


Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday and a very happy, healthy and safe New Year.


Baubles and Beauty Shopping Event – Sat. Nov. 4, 2017 and Sat. Nov. 11, 2017

Baubles and Beauty Heading

Baubles and Beauty
Come join us on Sat. Nov. 4 or Sat. Nov. 11 for a relaxing shopping experience. Every attendee gets a Free Gift! Bring a friend and enjoy a mimosa with us.

Fashion accessories, makeup, skin care products, spa products and more.
Lots of reasons to not miss this event:

  • Get a start on your holiday shopping
  • Sample makeup products and find something special for you to glow at your holiday events
  • Bring your holiday outfit so we can find just the right accessories

Sat. Nov. 4:  10am – 4pm

Location:  Pam Friedlander 
23 Richter Drive
Danbury, CT.  06811

Sat. Nov. 11:  10am – 4pm

Location:  Kathryn Egenberger
15 Spruce Man Road
Danbury CT. 06810


Please RSVP: p[email protected] or 203.798.0718

Jewelry on display and Pam wearing jewelry

Incredible Colors Available to You This Fall – Part 2

This blog is a continuation of the Pantone Colors of Fall 2017.  Be sure to read both posts to decide which is your favorite color of the season.


Neutral Gray

If you love wearing Gray, it is always interesting to add a pop of color to your shoes handbag or scarf.
Even black and white adds drama to the look, as seen in the photo.

Neutral Gray

Neutral Gray Accessories

Shaded Spruce

This is my personal pick. I have always gravitated to teal blends. This color is gorgeous in shoes, boots,
handbags, overcoats, dresses and silk blouses. It is strong, beautiful, and makes a statement.

Shaded Spruce Swatch and Outfit

Shaded spruce accessories

Golden Lime

This yellow-green shade will compliment you Fall wardrobe, with necklaces, earring, scarfs, and handbags.

Golden Lime Swatch and outfit

Golden Lime Accessories

Autumn Maple

Have Fun this year with this rich vibrant, and exciting color. Don’t be afraid to mix a variety of this years
colors from Pantone into your outfit.  Pairing it with her orange tote adds some  trend to her outfit.
The Drama and excitement of this rich orange tone adds personality to your outfit. This rich vibrant color
makes a statement, when paired with your favorite black dress, slacks or dress.

Autumn Maple Swatch and outfit

Autumn Maple Accessories

Linda Eisen chose her tote to add some trend and  punch to her Red Jumpsuit.

Linda mixing colors of the fall

Have Fun In Your Closet with colors this Fall/Winter season.  Here is a reminder of all the wonderful colors you can choose from.

Pantone Fall 2017 Colors


Try a shade that works with your skin and eye color. Some colors are universal and looks good on everyone. Try something new and get out of your comfort zone.


If you need any help selecting your fall outfits or deciding which colors would work best on you – give me a call.  I would love to help you look and feel your best this fall.


Incredible Colors Available to You This Fall – Part 1

PANTONE Fashion Color Report Fall 2017

My clients are so excited for a new season. Shopping and planning for your wardrobe now will give you a good start for the Holiday season right around the corner. You will begin to notice the incredible colors available to you in the stores.

I am happy to share with you  Fall 2017 seasons color choices as introduced by
Pantone Color Institute
March 13, 2017

Here is an overview of the new fall colors.


Pantone Fall 2017 Colors

For this blog post we will review the first half of the colors.


Red is eye catching. Remember Julia Roberts in her beautiful red gown in “Pretty Women”

Scene from Pretty Woman

Genadine swatch and outfitThis years color Grenadine gives women the confidence to wear red.

Genadine Accessories

Linda Eisen looks confident and beautiful in her jumpsuit.

Linda Eisen in Grenadine jumpsuit

Tawny Port

Try a leather jacket in this rich color or even a boot. Pairing it with this years Neutral gray, in a scarf or silver jewelry will give your outfit polish and finish.

Tawny Port Swatch and Outfit

Tawny Port Boots and Bag

Ballet Slipper


This color is soft and can be added as a lovely accent to any outfit this Fall. Even the pink sneakers adds some fun and trend to your weekend attire.

Ballet Slipper Swatch and Outfit

Ballet Slipper Bag and Shoes


In this photo I paired a cotton Ballet Slipper top with this rich Marina blue vest. The pearl necklace adds a touch of Neutral Gray.

Pam in Ballet Slipper and Blue


Imagine an entire outfit monochromatic in this beautiful shade including your handbag. Remember to think texture to give your look dimension and interest.

Butterum Swatch and Outfit

Butterum Bag and Shoes

Navy Peony and Marina

I love combining and mixing and matching colors. Try these two shades together. Imagine a deep wash jean or a pencil skirt in Navy Peony with a Marina floral top. Add a handbag or shoe in these colors with silver jewelry and you have a ready to wear outfit.

Navy Peony Swatch and Outfit

Navy Peony boots

Marina Swatch and Outfit

Marina boots and bag


Check out my next blog post for the review of the remaining colors.

If you need any help selecting your fall outfits or deciding which colors would work best on you – give me a call.  I would love to help you look and feel your best this fall.


Let’s Get Ready For Fall From Top to Bottom: Accessories and Footwear

Accessories have the power to make a plain look exciting. When I visit clients at their homes, in their closets it is obvious that for many women choosing the right accessory can be somewhat frustrating. That is why I always come prepared with pieces that will work with many outfits and personalities.

-Add a scarf with fringe or a tassle this year for a touch of trend.
-Layer a variety of long and short necklaces.
-Peruse your jewelery drawer and you will find a treasure trove of pieces you have not worn in years to layer.

Pam with accessories


Getting your closet ready for the fall is not an easy task. Positive Reflections can help you prioritize and organize your closet for an updated look. It is the time of year again to put away your sandals and take advantage of boot sales.

Today boots come in many different shapes, heel heights, round toes, pointy toes, half boots, ankle boots and shoe boots . There is a boot for every personality and style. This season, pairing boots with a slim fitting dress and a great pair of tights (textured or plain) can give you a fresh new updated look.

Below are examples of what is on trend as well as comfortable, clunky, and funky styles for people on the go. Also I have included some of my own picks for fall footwear. Shopping also begins with the proper footwear for my client’s lifestyle. Remember: comfort always takes priority over fashion.


More Boots


Fall Boots



Pam's Picks


Please comment or email me, I’d love to hear your questions about your perfect fall wardrobe.

Let’s Get Ready for Fall From Top to Bottom – Bottoms Up!!


Bottoms Up


  • -Skinny leg pants are still on trend this year, but not for everyone.
  • -Pair your trousers with a blazer for a professional appearance. For a more business casual look, try a turtleneck sweater, cold shoulder, or oversized.
  • -Wide leg and flare pants are fun for parties and events. Paired with a sequin black top, flares and wide leg pants are great for holidays!
  • -The classic straight leg in jeans, wool, or a blend are the perfect choice for a casual or professional look.
  • -Try a mid-length or long duster. They can be found in a variety of colors and fabrics. Some have long sleeves and some are vests. These are a wonderful layering items for the Fall.


When it comes to jeans we all have our favorites. Some of you may not even want to wear jeans. Happily, this year higher waisted jeans are easy to find and way more comfortable. A high waisted jean in the right size and fit is the perfect way to avoid the dreaded muffin top.




  • -Avoid torn jeans for the office, even if they are on trend.
  • -A dark wash will take you from day to night. And has a more polished appearance.
  • -Straight leg jeans work well for curvy body types.
  • -Flare jeans are easy to wear and comfortable on your calves.
  • -Pair your flare jeans with boots and booties for the perfect fall-ready look.
  • -As always, try on a variety of skinny jean brands and sizes to find your perfect fit.

Let’s Get Ready For Fall From Top to Bottom: Undergarments.

I was shopping with a friend the other day and she suggested that I do a blog post on bras. I agree because we all have issues with finding proper fitting undergarments. Sometimes they are so hard to even get on that you feel that you are in a vice.

The first thing I do when I am with a client in a their closet or dressing room is discuss undergarments.

Even more important than the clothes you wear is what you put underneath.

The right bra and body shapers can transform any outfit.

To determine the best fit get measured by a professional bra fitter to ensure that you haven’t gone up, or down in a cup size. I have noticed with some clients, as well as myself that as we age our bra sizes increase. I advise my clients when shopping for undergarments to try on several manufacturer’s styles to see what fits best. After all, a C cup in one brand may be a D in another.
Bra Measurement

Photo From:

Large breasted women might consider minimizing bras. These undergarments don’t flatten your shape but hold you in, give you support, and a more slimming profile.

Photo From:

Small breasted women can benefit from the right bra as well. I suggest a demi style which offers shape, form, and lift.
Good bra fit

Photo From:

Bra Tips

Image From:–bra-hacks-fashion-tips.jpg

As with bras, not all undies are created equal. Your underwear should hide your flaws and accentuate your features. Your body type, your problem areas, and the clothes you wear all dictate your choice of underwear. Again, the golden rule is fit, be sure that your underwear, no matter the style fits you properly and is flush against your skin. By far a visible panty line is the number one outfit killer.
Visible panty line

Photo From:

Shaping Up:
Shape wear has certainly come a long way from grandma’s girdles.
When selecting shape wear, always choose a size a little larger so it doesn’t dig into your skin and cause extra bulges.
Your grandmother's corset

Photo from:

Styles vary from one piece shape suits to shape wear that targets specific body parts such as the tummy, hips, and thighs. Most brands even offer varying degrees of control. But, what you choose depends on your outfits. I prefer the smooth, clean lines you get from a one piece garment.

Photo From:



Body Shaper

Image From:

As always I am here as your personal wardrobe and image consultant. Call or email me to get ready for fall!

Let’s Get Ready For Fall From Top to Bottom – Start with your hair

As a blonde I know how important it is to keep the tone of my hair just right. As a woman over 50, I also love long hair, but when my hair gets too long I tend to feel dragged down. It’s important in the fall if you don’t have a good hairdresser to find one that understands your hair, your personality and your style.

Pam and hair stylist

Pam and her hairstylist Carina Webber – Dawn’s Pizzazz Artistic Group and Spa

-To keep my hair curly, smooth, and frizz free as seasons change I use L’anza’s Smoother Straightening Balm, Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream, and Kerastase Keratin Thermique Cream.

Hair Products

Pam's Haircut
 -Tone down hair with lowlights and highlights to combat the effects of sun exposure and damage to your hair.
highlights and lowlights

Photo From:


-Get a good professional conditioning.

-Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner to use daily. My favorites are the Frekkai Essential Shea Conditioner and the Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Radiant Color Deep Conditioner.

Shampoo and conditioner


-Consider a new hair style by shaping and eliminating split ends.

-If you are ready for a change from long to short, here are a few ideas:

My friend Deborah at the blog, Fabulous Over 40 shows a great example of a short yet stylish hair cut below.

Short Haircut


Meredith Viera

Photo From:



Before and After

Photo From:


As part of your wardrobe consultation we can discuss hair options that can elevate your new look as we transition to the colder months!


What Not to wear to work!

And just a reminder of some things that are inappropriate – you should always avoid

  • Flip flops
  • Worn out shoes
  • Wrinkled clothing
  • Dress or skirts too tight or too short
  • Showing clevage
  • Too much skin
  • Some outfits are cute and adorable for a picnic or party, but never meant to be worn to the office.

If you are not sure if it’s suitable for work, then select something else from your closet.


Never at the office