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  • Feb 10 2015
    by Pam Friedlander
  • Happy Valentine’s Day

    I bet you’re thinking I am going to tell you what to wear for Valentine’s Day, but I’m not :). Valentine’s Day is about love, emotions, relationships and memories. I want to share with you some quotes that will melt your heart and a couple pictures of my husband and I. Len has been my Valentine since 1969. All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t Read More…

  • Jan 01 2015
    by Pam Friedlander
  • 2015 Wardrobe Resolutions

    You and millions of other people will be doing the same thing come January: resolving to make your life better by changing a habit or two or three. They might even come from this list of common goals: • Lose weight • Make more money • Get healthier • Be nicer • Be less impulsive • Count my blessings Wouldn’t it be grand if we could accomplish all of that? Read More…

  • Nov 24 2014
    by Pam Friedlander
  • Dress Festively for the Holidays for Less!

    Being a wardrobe and image consultant is rewarding and fun. I love every minute of shopping with you and helping you have fun in your closet. This is the time of the year when we all have so much on our plates. Between gift shopping, getting the house ready for parties, and cooking, the holiday season can sometimes become overwhelming and we forget about ourselves. So I put together a little Read More…

  • Sep 03 2014
    by Pam Friedlander
  • Fall Trends 2014

    How do you feel about trends this Fall? Are you overwhelmed? Do you puruse the stores and wonder what to choose?  Do you find yourself asking, “How can I incorporate this year’s styles into my wardrobe?”  Every season has it’s trends – Some you’ll love and some you won’t. I’m here to help you. After all, not all of us can wear big coats just because they’re in style. And some of us may feel Read More…

  • Jul 22 2014
    by Pam Friedlander
  • Pack your Luggage with Confidence!

    There’s hardly anything more stressful than packing for a trip. You probably had your own nightmare experience, whether it’s forgetting the most important outfit…because  the outfit you now realize you want to wear is hanging up in your closet 3000 miles away, or remembering  that you left your makeup bag on the counter. The new shoes you purchased  may have left you with blisters on Day 1.  It’s time to Read More…