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  • Feb 09 2017
    by pamfriedlander
  • February Thoughts!

    Have Fun this February! Everywhere you look in the month of February you see, chocolate, hearts, flowers, and photos of loving couples. As I meet so many women of different lifestyles, careers, and ages, one thing is certain. WE CARE AND, WE LOVE, our children, grandchildren, parents, lifetime friends, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters. There are too many women who feel left out on Valentines day because they are Read More…

  • Dec 15 2016
    by pamfriedlander
  • The Giving Season Has Begun

    During this Holiday Season I am thinking about you and all the incredible women I helped look and feel wonderful.  A beautiful home with incredible bones, sometimes just needs a little attention. I know that when women begin to see their own beautiful vision, a new  confidence emerges. A little guidance, new ideas, tricks and tips, help women see what is possible. After all your Holiday shopping  is done it is Read More…

  • Nov 17 2016
    by pamfriedlander
  • Stepping Up Casual for Thanksgiving Day

    Thanksgiving is almost here, and you are an invited guest. Maybe you are the Hostess and have a lot of preparing to do. As the hostess you want to be comfortable, and as a guest you want to look your best. What do I wear? Do you ever feel like your casual wardrobe is too plain or dull? Do you envy others who can make a casual outfit look so Read More…

  • Sep 21 2016
    by pamfriedlander
  • Have Fun in Your Closet This Fall

    Are you one of the many women who struggle with finding the perfect outfit in your closet? Many women go to the same old same old every day, not realizing that there is a better way. In every closet I am invited into there is always an AH HA moment. I find “HiddenTreasures” and create outfits that my clients always say, “I would have never thought of putting that together” Read More…

  • Sep 01 2016
    by pamfriedlander
  • Dress The Body You Have!

    The Hourglass Figure You have the figure every woman wants. You can purchase off the rack because your body is balanced. Whether you are a size 2 or 12, hourglass figures always look in proportion. Try a figure flattering sheath dress and a wide belt. Inverted Triangle You are larger above the waist, with your upper body larger than bottom. Wear dark color tops and straight leg jeans or trousers. Read More…