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Positive Reflections Celebrates 10 Years in Business – Thanks to You!

I want to personally thank all my friends and clients for helping Positive Reflections to get to this wonderful milestone. As a special thank you I would like to offer you a FREE private personal style consultation in June (June 7-10 and June 21-24 – see below for details).

Ten years ago with the enthusiasm of friends, I embarked on a new career, helping women look and feel their best. I became educated through the Association of Image Consultants International where I took classes and seminars on style, color and body type.and creating a successful business. It has been a wonderful and incredible journey.

When I am with a women in her closet or dressing room, I see all the beautiful possibilities that she does not see. I focus on only what really works for her body, coloring and personality. It doesn’t matter if a women hates to shop, struggles to find something in her closet to wear, or just wants to update her image. I love seeing my clients happy as they look in the mirror with a new confidence.

As a special thank you I would like to offer a FREE Private Personal Style Consultation during June. I am available June 7,8,9,10 and June 21,22,23,24. Just make an appointment and bring an outfit you would like to style. I am having my private Accessory Trunk Show during that time. Together we can find the best accessories for your outfit AND you will leave with a free accessory from me as an additional thank you gift.

I have appointments available during the day and the evening and would love to help you complete an outfit or two in a new and exciting style that works for you, Especially now as summer is starting you can freshen up your wardrobe with a few statement pieces. Find something to finish that outfit for a wedding, reunion, party that’s happening this summer.


Just email me at [email protected] or call me and tell me when you would like to come for your FREE private style consultation during the dates of June 7-10 or June 21-24. You can call me at 203.798.0718 to schedule an appointment.

I’m looking foward to being able to thank you personally for all that you’ve done to help Positive Reflections get to this important anniversary.

Most sincerely,

Pam and accessories

Boomer Fashion

Baby boomers, people born between 1946 and 1964, are all grown up and taking on new jobs, new relationships, and new adventures. They’re expressing parts of themselves that have been dormant or neglected.

Are you a baby boomer? If you are, you might have discovered that your wardrobe hasn’t been able to keep up with the changes to your lifestyle, your body and your coloring. It happens to lots of people! There’s some catching up to do.

Here is a starter list to address some of the ways your roles have expanded and what your wardrobe can do to help you manage the changes.



Your love for seeing the world takes you on many journeys throughout the year. Your suitcase is practically your closet and packing for a trip is more of a routine than getting your oil changed.

Your wardrobe could include dresses that work for day and night, pants and tops that don’t easily wrinkle, shoes that are functional and stylish. You are the Boomer on the go but you don’t want to look like you’re living out of a suitcase either. Your non-precious accessories add just the right interest. You don’t look like a tourist even though you are one.



Being retired doesn’t mean you’re any less busy. In fact, you may be busier now than ever! Having a wardrobe that’s comfortable but well put together serves you well in your fast paced “relaxed” world.

Your wardrobe could include nice casual pieces, costume jewelry, and more relaxed handbags. You’ll be looking vital and radiant while attending your film class, book group, museum tours and taking day trips to the wineries.



Being a professional isn’t too tough because you’ve been doing it for a while now. But do you feel like you’ve lost your edge? Has the change in dress code got you doubting yourself? Maybe you’ve got a new position at work and it requires a new look. Looking the part may require a few tweaks to your current style.

An updated work wardrobe can do wonders for your confidence. It could include new tops, jackets or dresses that incorporate high tech fabrics or fabrics with textural interest. You’re interesting and your clothing pieces can be too! Forget the all-gabardine-all-the-time fabrics of the 80s. Go ahead and add a little flair. Mix modern, interesting pieces with classic work items like a tailored trouser or a blazer



You’re back on the dating scene. You practically need an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of your online dating activity. Clothes are a great way to express the real you. Are you maximizing their potential to speak for you?

A dating wardrobe could include a great, flattering jean that works for casual or dressy-casual dates. Pretty blouses with pattern and color will bring attention to your face. The right accessories can create interest and play up your personality.

Good fit is essential. Be sure you have clothes that suit your current figure. Look for details that will help highlight your physical attributes. Choose to bring attention to your features and don’t forget to highlight parts of your body like your shoulders, bust, waist, hips, derriere, or legs.



You’re babysitting the grandkids one day a week and attending all of their extracurricular activities on the side. You need a wardrobe that can bend, climb, and crawl around with the grandkids.

A babysitting wardrobe could include no-iron checked shirts, lightweight cardigan sweaters, a flattering jean rolled up to the ankle and a modern Mary Jane shoe with rubber soles—the better to race around the park in!Wear this to sports events, dance rehearsals or a birthday party.


Getting older is looking more and more attractive these days. However, keeping up with a Boomer’s wardrobe needs can be daunting. Lucky for you, it doesn’t have to be a problem.

I can help you be prepared for all the exciting parts to your lifestyle! Just give me a call at 203.733.9328. or email me at [email protected] to schedule.

Spring Fashion Trends – 2016

Q&A for Spring Fashion 2016

A new trend season can sometimes be overwhelming. The looks on the runway seem far fetch from what you’ll be wearing in your ever day. If you are viewing magazines and runways, try to hone in on what you are drawn to in an outfit, not the whole thing. It could be a color, a pattern, a piece, or a texture. Make a mental note and be inspired but do it your own way.
When stores, store windows, or online catalogues start bombarding you with the latest must-have trends, it can be overwhelming! Suddenly your fashion confidence can fade as you see looks on models who don’t have your body shape or in your age group. But don’t fear fashion! I am here to help.

I’ve compiled a list of questions that are going to be top of mind once you’ve previewed fashion’s key spring looks. My answers may surprise you. I want to help you find your confidence and at the same time avoid making expensive mistakes.

Q: I love the all white look, but how do I wear it?
A: This all white look looks fabulous on the runway and on the pages of glossy fashion magazines. In real life, in your private dressing room in a store near you, it may look sterile and flat. One way to play with this look is to be less literal about wearing the color white. Use a broader paintbrush and introduce multiple shades of white in a single outfit. Consider mixing pieces in cream, ivory, soft white and bright white. This can be such an appealing and sophisticated look.
Just Right White
Q: I want to mix prints, but how do I do it without looking like I don’t own a mirror.
A: Your best bet will be mixing bold prints with dainty prints and being sure the prints share at least one color in common. This year designers are having fun mixing stripes. For example, you can mix large, bold striped bottoms with a pinstriped top. One print needs to be dominant. You can use this rule with almost any style of print: polka dots, floral prints, animal prints, etc.
Q: I’ve been living in pants but I think I want to venture out and try skirts or dresses. Where do I start?
A: Now is the best time to try wearing a skirt or dress because as with pant widths, all skirt and dress lengths are in style this season. Take the time to discover what length is best for you, whether it’s a mini skirt, or a  dress that lands at the knee, mid-calf or ankle. Also try to zero in on the fabrics you want to wear. Skirts and dresses come in cotton,  denim, silk, or leather. Whatever mood you’re in, you’ll find a look that’s right for you.
Choose your perfect length


Q: I’ve been wearing skinnies for so long. Do I have to switch to a wider leg pant because it’s the latest thing?  

A: You definitely do not; all pant widths are “in” this season. The advantage to trying this wider leg pant now is that you may discover it looks fabulous on you! When you capture a new silhouette trend at the beginning of the season, you look modern and stylish and will inspire others to wear it too. Remember, skinnies were a new look once too. Take a chance on this pant style and see if it suits you!

Pants Widths


Q:  I’m totally overwhelmed by all the trends, what should I do? How should I approach it?

A:  One thing you can do is to imagine you are an artist. Color, fabrics, print, and details are all part of your artist’s toolkit. There’s a lot of experimenting going on so don’t be shy. Browse, observe, and try things on.

And remember, I am eager to help you figure out what’s right for you this season. It would be my pleasure to help you find what’s just right for you. Give me a call and we’ll get our calendars synched up. Fun fashion is close at hand!

I’m excited to tell you that I am a Contributing Author in an exciting new book entitled “Refusing to Quit”.  This book profiles women over 60 who have done remarkable things.  You can purchase this book on Amazon by clicking here.

Have fun in your closet this spring,


SHOES: Three Ways To Wear A Classic Pump


Shoes are a very important accessory. They can make or break an outfit. I always suggest you select your shoes carefully when picking your outfit. But did you also know you can style your outfits around your shoes?

For instance, the classic pump. Most women associate it with business attire. But here are suggestions for other amazing ways to wear your favorite pump.

Three Ways to Wear Your Classic Pumps

OUTFIT #1. Wear your feminine patent leather pump with a masculine tailored matched pantsuit. Under your jacket wear a striped, floral or paisley blouse.

OUTFIT #2. Wear your suede pump with a thin ankle sock, a pleated below-the-knee skirt and a turtleneck sweater. Swap the ankle socks with tights if you’re not ready to wear socks with heels.

OUTFIT #3. Wear your kitten-heeled pump or higher pump with a wide-legged trouser, a feminine blouse (tucked in), and a textured cardigan. Earn extra style points by keeping the shoe, pant, and cardigan in the same color.

What is your favorite way to wear the ever-classic pump?

All my best,


4 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Handbag

The right purse is an important accessory and a huge part of your style. The tips below are great to keep in mind the next time you shop for a new handbag.

attachmentTip #1: Select the size carefully

Handbag size is very important. A good tip is to choose the size based on your body frame. Some women are tempted to follow the trends, and select whichever size bag is popular at the moment, but that can be a mistake. Tiny bags on tall women will get lost, and alternatively if you are on the shorter side, you will look overwhelmed with a large or oversized bag. So select the size bag that works best for you.

Tip #2: Pick the ideal shape for you

Be selective when choosing a handbag’s shape. It’s shape should complement your own body shape. The handbag should have the opposite features of your body shape. For example, if you are tall and thin, choose a handbag which is rounded and slouchy, such as a “hobo” bag. If you are short and on the curvier side, any handbags with strong edges will look best on you.

Tip #3:  Style should be a top decision makerimages-16

When shopping for a new handbag, think about your day-to-day style. Since you will have your handbag with you most days, choose one that will match most of your outfits. Do you mainly wear casual, sporty clothing? Are you usually dressed in business attire? Business casual? Whatever your style, you should choose a handbag that will match it. A good trick is to peruse fashion magazines for models wearing similar style clothes as you, and see what type of handbags they are sporting! This can help you select a style.

Tip #4: Practicality should also be a consideration

How will you be using your new handbag? Everyday for work? Does it need to carry books or a laptop? Maybe you are choosing a purse for nights out on the town. Either way, once you decide what you will use your bag for, you will have an idea of what you need it to have, as far as pockets, color, and price. If it’s a purse you will only use occasionally, maybe select an inexpensive one. Alternately, a handbag to be used daily should be sturdy and well-constructed.

All My Best,



5 Signs Your Wardrobe Needs a Makeover


Like everything in life, your wardrobe needs regular attention and updating. Your wardrobe will function much better if it’s up-to-date. It will then be a breeze for you to choose outfits for every occasion.

Not sure if your wardrobe needs a makeover? I’ve made it simple for you… I have compiled a list of sure signs that it’s time to makeover your wardrobe.

Here are my top 5…

#1  You have a lot of clothes in your closet that no longer fit.

Bodies change over time. Weight fluctuates. It happens. But if the majority of clothing items in your closet, are a size which no longer fit you, then it’s time to clean out your closet. You’ll feel better wearing clothes that fit and flatter, rather than squeezing into items that are too small.

#2  You are wearing “mom jeans”.

There are so many figure-flattering denim styles out there, for every body type. There are dressy or casual jeans. Boot cut, straight leg, petite length, flared, etc. So many styles that “mom jeans” should never be an option.  Simply put, they are not flattering.

#3  Your sweaters are fuzzy.

You know – those little balls of fuzz created from over-wearing and over-washing. If your sweaters have fuzz, it’s a good indication that they are probably also out-dated and out of style. So toss them and find some updated sweaters to flatter you this winter.

#4  You wear yoga pants, even when you aren’t doing yoga.

Sure they are comfortable, but yoga pants are meant for the gym. It’s simple to ditch the yoga pants and still have style and dress in a more flattering fashion when you are running errands.  Yoga pants aren’t the answer.

#5  You haven’t bought anything new for years.

Investment pieces are a great idea, but an entire wardrobe that is old will look very dated. A good option is to invest in a few key clothing items every year to keep it looking fresh. But regularly add some stylish options to pair with those investment pieces

If you have noticed any of these 5 signs, a wardrobe makeover may be just what you need!


I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and LIKE Positive Reflections on Facebook, where I have daily updates on fashion, colors, tips and more! I am looking forward to chatting!

All my best,

2015 Fall Fashion Colors

Clothing colors don’t just look good on you or not; they do so much more! You’ll find lots of references about how color can be very healing, give you emotional support as well as help you express yourself. Consider choosing a color when shopping this coming fall season with the qualities associated with it. The color you wear could easily effect your mind, body and soul!

The Pantone Colors for Fall 2015 are a combination of calming, dramatic, and exciting. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute; describes each of the following colors for fall in this blog.

I know we are in the middle of summer, but before you know it you will be seeing all of these wonderful fall colors on the racks and in the store. I am so excited to share with you some of the incredible, rich colors. When choosing a color, just because it is the color palette of the season does not mean you need to have every color in your wardrobe. Incorporate the color you love and is right for you; in accessories, jackets, skirts, and outerwear. It is so much easier for many of us to wear our favorite colors in the summer and then rely on the dark grays browns and blacks in the fall.

I’d love to help you make great choices for you and your lifestyle. Give me a call and we can focus on what looks right on you but also what will align with your personal goals and emotional needs. Clothes can be a great counsel when you let them!


Camdium and marsala
“A nod to the 60’s and 70’s Cadmium Orange evokes a sentiment of optimism, fun and fantasy. Both playful and sophisticated in its appeal. Cadmium Orange is a warm welcoming and subtly dramatic hue that is striking enough to stand on its own or act as a bold contrast. A play on the 60’s with a twist of today.” (credit: Leatrice Eiseman)

cadmium orange

Orange is all about creativity, enthusiasm, and stimulation. It’s a great color to wear around children when you want them to join you in your fun activities. Wear orange to express joy. An orange jacket is a great pick-me-up, makes you look alert, and radiant. You stand out in orange jeans (when indigo would be the easy choice), an orange handbag (when black would be practical), or orange loafers (because brown would be expected). Be the life of the party!


Biscay Bay
“A lush and elegant Teal Biscay Bay splashes up against more heated tones with it’s cool touch. Combining the serene qualities of blue with the invigorating aspects of green. This cool and confident tone inspires thoughts of soothing tropical waters, transporting us to a place that is pleasant and inviting” (credit: Leatrice Eiseman)

biscay bay

Teal has the characteristics of being friendly, outgoing, fresh, and young. Use it anytime you feel the need to break the ice with people you don’t know. People will open up to you when wearing this color. Find Biscay Bay in a wrap dress, blouse, short coat. A scarf or necklace is a good choice for wearing this color around your neck.

fall color Marsala

“Marsala is a winery red-brown that adds finesse and savior faire to the palette. Rich and robust, Marsala incorporates the warmth and richness of a tastefully fulfilling meal. While its grounding red-brown roots points to a sophisticated natural earthiness.” (credit: Leatrice Eiseman)


Wear this rich color with it’s brown warming tone when you want to send a message that you are genuine, secure and stable. Try a monochromatic outfit using Marsala, with a cashmere blend blazer. Try it in your accessory items in handbags, gloves and scarves.


reflecting pond

“Thoughtful contemplative and composed, Reflecting Pond is a cooling blue that adds dimension and intrigue. Conveying a message of credibility Reflecting Pond is a serious shade that speaks to the need for stability and security” (credit: Leatrice Eiseman)

reflecting pond

Wear this color and exude confidence and authority. When you want to be taken seriously and be recognized for your knowledge try navy  and incorporate Reflecting Pond, since both colors have similar qualities. Blue conjure up stability, professionalism, trust and reliability. It’s long been considered a color that conveys good communication and honesty. When you need to be the voice of reason or a mediator in a tense situation wear blue, it’s soothing and calming. Where it in a shirt dress, a silk blouse, or in a beautiful scarf.

Stormy weather

“Reminiscent of the sky on a gray overcast day, Stormy Weather is dependable cool, and above all constant. Implying quality and luxury. It is a powerful blue-gray that is strong, protective and enduring” (credit: Leatrice Eiseman)

This will be an easy transition color for the fall. Pair it with Cashmere Rose for a rich elegant look and accessories in Desert Sage.
cashmere rose

“A play on the sixties with a twist of today, luxurious Cashmere Rose is a tactile and soft pink hue that renders exactly what it promises. Cultivated in it’s richness Cashmere Rose displays a gently persuasive and composed pink that is more upscale than downtown. (credit: Leatrice Eiseman)

cashmere rose
Because of its charming luxury, try this incredible pink in your fall jackets or sweaters. Use Cashmere Rose this fall when you want people around you to feel comfortable and warm. 
oak buff
Oak Buff is a mellow comforting and warming shade that brings good feelings. One of nature’s many illustrious shades, the golden-yellow Oak Buff acts to nurture and comfort.” (Credit: Leatrice Eiseman)
This golden-yellow is comforting, lively and optimistic. If you want people around you to feel happy and energetic, wear yellow. Wear it in a silk blouse to the office, or a sweater and jeans on the weekend. It is also pretty in a cardigan. Add yellow in accents with belts, bangles and winter scarves.
amethyst desert sage and biscay bay
“Amethyst Orchid is the jewel in the crown of the fall 2015 palette. Intriguing, vibrant and somewhat sensual, this enigmatic shade is an extraordinary hue that is unique, bold creative and exciting.” (credit: Leatrice Eiseman)
amethyst orchid
This beautiful purple color carries with it the traits of luxury, creativity and loyalty. It can also be spiritual and magical. Wear it to enhance your powers of intuition, or when you want to bring out your creative nature. Try Amethyst Orchid in a trench coat, a pencil skirt, or a cashmere sweater. Adorn your neck with a purple-jeweled statement necklace or carry a purple handbag.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog, don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and LIKE Positive Reflections on Facebook, where I have daily updates on fashion, colors, tips and more! I am looking forward to chatting!

All my best,

How to Wear White this Summer

I needed to feel comfortable and put together preparing to shop with a client for her Summer Wardrobe

While color may be getting all of the fashion press, there is a lot to be said about classic white. The way you combine white is infinite and up to your imagination. Here are some ways to bring white into your wardrobe for Summer 2015. I am a fan of monochromatic white. Of course, neutrals and color are also fun. However, for this blog I chose some great examples of how you can create a great monochromatic white look, as well as mix and match and add punches of color with your accessories.

All white looks

Layer whites together. A soft white linen jacket is great with jeans and tees or layered over a dress. Try a structured business professional jacket with a white skirt. Wearing a column of white can be super sleek. Start with a white pencil skirt, throw on any colored top, choose a white jacket, sweater or cardigan.


blazers, skirts

White Summer dresses and black and white prints are a modern substitute for the little black dress. Have one or two Summer dresses in your wardrobe for work or play, this will be your “grab and go”. A dress in lace or eyelet is feminine and pretty. Toughen it up with a moto jacket (scroll up to jackets) to contrast the look. Scroll down to the accessories and pick a shoe that fits your style, add a pop of color if you choose. Click the image to get the look.

Summer dresses

A flirty way to wear white accessories is to add it to your wrist with bubbles, bengal, and beads. Cuffs are on trend this season and you have a variety of choices if you choose to try white.

white jewelry

I know you are going to say “Pam, I am not going to wear a white bag, it is going to get filthy”. Of course I am a proponent of colorful handbags, to add punch to an outfit. However for this blog purpose, a sophisticated or funky white handbag for day or evening can be the perfect choice.

belts, handbags

Need help to find just the right Summer outfit? Let me help you shop for a beautiful white look that you will love wearing.

pam white pants

How are you doing on your search for white clothing this summer? Are you determined, or did you give up? Share with me, I would love to inspire you!

What to Wear to a Summer Party

Summer Parites

Are you ready for Summer?! Pool Parties, Beach Parties, and Barbecues are fun to look forward to, but will you be dreading what to wear?  Are you concerned what is appropriate for your Age? After all, you want to look comfortable, and casual and feel confident no matter what age you are.  Celebrate your age. Resist the
temptation to worship youth. There is no virtue in being 40 struggling to look 25 at a Summer Party. Beauty is accomplished through understanding. Be a proud version of you at your age!
pam beach
I put together some fun, colorful, age appropriate outfits, which will help guide you when deciding what to wear at any Age and any  Event…
I am here to help you get ready for FUN IN THE SUN
Read my Summer party dressing tips and then email or call me  for a  COMPLIMENTARY  PHONE CONSULTATION.  I know you have questions……
30's & 40's
  • Embrace the Fringe in this adorable bathing suit, or just add fringe to your blouse/top or beachbag.
  • Wear a crop top if you dare to bare your midriff this season and show a little skin. Crop Tops can be very appropriate at various events, as well as sexy, classy, or just  plain funky.
  • Palazzo Pants were trendy in the late 60’s and 70’s, but has made an entrance again in 2015. They are loose and flattering, featuring a wide variety of fantastic prints. Palazzo Pants are comfortable and the perfect choice for your warm  summer day or night,  pool and beach party.
Fabulous 50's
  • Go for Gingham, It’s new, it’s  young, it’s pretty, it’s colorful. Try timeless gingham in a skirt, shoe, or sundress.
  • Wear a Maxi dress in confidence to your pool or beach party and look fantastic. They are figure flattering for many body types. Go bold in colors and prints and have fun.
  • Update your sunglasses.
  • Wedges are still trending this season, however the height of the wedge will make or break your good time. Choose wisely..choose comfort.


Sassy 60's & 70's
  • Flared Pants are a cool choice for a summer party. It’s a trend that has re-emerged and is perfect for the mature women. Some of them are in high-waisted styles. For those of us who are frustrated with skinny jeans and pants, relief has arrived. Try them on to remember how they balance the hip and lengthen the leg. Choose a summer white linen, or opt for a pastel.
  • Tie-dye prints  have been reinvented.  Tie-dye cover-ups. tops and dresses are perfect for your pool or  beach party. You can express yourself in a variety of ways whether you’re an old hippie or a new one.

Confidence at Any Size, Any Age,  Any Time 


Don’t forget the extra Accessories…

  • These are the things that make you feel dressed…Sunglasses
  • Big tote bag, the cover up,the accessories, and the shoes are part of the complete ensemble.
  • Make sure all the pieces relate and harmonize with each other.

Your Spring Wardrobe Tune-Up

Your Wardrobe Needs You

There’s about to be a fashion season change. It is time to get ready for the approaching season but also take care of the items you’ll be packing away. Here’s a to –do list for you to focus on this month, so your wardrobe can bloom like the flowers outside!

Before you pack away your winter clothes


  •  Inspect your boots, and shoes and make repairs before storing them away. That way they will be fresh for the Fall.
  •  Clean your wool sweaters, jackets and coats. Check for moth holes. If there is too much damage, toss the item. Take care of it this month before storing it away.

What to do before diving into your Spring Wardrobe


  •  Check out your Spring/Summer handbags…Are they scuffed and worn? Give the ones away that no longer work for you. Do not clutter your closet with old worn handbags.
  •  When pulling out summer flats or sandals take a closer look before putting them on the shelves, in boxes or baskets. Are they scuffed, too worn, or uncomfortable. Best to let go of the beat up pairs. Take a Spring shoe inventory and make a list of what need replacing.
  •  Go through your jewelry and look for what need cleaning and repairing. Polishing your silver jewelry will make it look brand new. Do you have bracelets and necklaces that need to be fixed or restrung. Accessories in good condition that sparkle, are the Spring Flowers in your wardrobe.

  •  This is the perfect time to reassess your underwear. Are bras stained with perspiration marks? Has the elastic worn out of bras and panties or shapers? Are you in need of new sizes? Time to check out the Lingerie Department.
Get your face ready for spring


  • Go through makeup and toss out any unusable and expired products. Your personal coloring may have changed or your personal style may have changed. There is no reason to keep holding on to things that aren’daisyt working. Treat yourself to a new lipstick.