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Dare to be Authentic

I am excited to announce that I am a co-author in an extraordinary new book, titled “DARE to be Authentic- Finding your Authentic Self.” It is an inspirational book and a collaborative effort. It involves people in all fields, telling their story of finding their authentic selves and how it changed their lives. The featured authors help others in a variety of areas, such as domestic violence, addiction, relationship struggles, self-image issues, stress, divorce, life transitions and many others. But most importantly, each author has a message of hope and encouragement. The purpose is to get the message out there that there is help for you when you need it, that there are others who have gone through what you are going through and that they’ve succeeded in finding happiness and fulfillment in their lives. So can you!

Each chapter has a touching true story that will move and inspire you. You can also order copies as gifts for loved ones.
Fondly, Pam

“You can overcome your struggles, just like me!”

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