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After having a baby I was out of touch with my wardrobe and lost confidence when I had a speaking engagement or public event. Shopping was frustrating. In two days, Pam helped me make up for five years of wardrobe neglect and mistakes! I loved what she made of the clothes I already had and then the clothes and shoes she found for me while shopping took my wardrobe to the next level. I feel beautiful and confident every time I get dressed. I know I’m going to look great for all of my appearances.
– Sophfronia Scott, Newtown, CT
Author, Executive Editor
The Done For You Writing & Publishing Company


After being out of the dating market for awhile, Pam helped me get some stylish, classy outfits together. She encouraged me to step out of my little box and try things I wouldn’t have normally worn. She made the process so much fun and went above and behind my expectations!

I look forward to using her again in the future.
Amy B


I truly can’t stand shopping. I enjoy looking nice, but trying on clothes drives me CRAZY! So, I hired Pam to take me out shopping. She went to several stores the day before & put aside RACKS of clothes for me to try on – clothes I never would’ve tried on if shopping alone. AND she gave me lots of tips for what to look for my body type. At Thanksgiving, I wore one of the outfits we bought & 2 friends thought I had lost 20 lbs! Thank you! Love you Pam!
Tancy Gemza

I could not find a wedding dress for my small private wedding. Pam took me shopping and we bought a beautiful Ralph Lauren dress within my budget. The day before my wedding, I panicked because I had not found the perfect necklace. Pam immediately took me shopping and we found a pearl necklace that was exactly what I had envisioned.
I have never felt the need to use a personal shopper before. But I now consider this money very well spent. Most important, thanks to Pam I will always treasure my wedding photos – which were, by the way, featured in the NY Times in Vows! (Click on the link to see me in my Positive Reflections wedding outfit!)
– Jessica Bram, Westport, CT

With good humor, grace and decisiveness as well as flexibility and thoughtfulness, Pam helped me get a wardrobe overhaul, showing me imaginative approaches to creating outfits. Pam offered appealing color combinations and challenged me to consider clothing options consistent with current fashions as well as my personality, style preferences, age and stage of life. As a result, I have updated, flattering clothes and outfits I enjoy wearing. It’s a very good feeling to receive compliments on my new look!

It has been great working with Pam on my wardrobe. In just a few hours, I have a whole new closet of outfits using clothes I already have. What you can visualize in tops, belts and accessories is amazing. You created style out of what I considered an ordinary set of clothes. I feel so much more finished and polished. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to take their look up a notch.
– Linda Nash, Steep-Hill Marketing

When I approached Pam with a request for wardrobe help, I wasn’t entirely sure of the scope of her services and consulting advice. Now that I have had the pleasure of working with Pam, I wanted to share a few things that I found invaluable:

  1. Pam has a wonderful way of approaching the process by getting to know you, your current style and your personal and work needs. She is patient and tries to get a sense of who the client is. She never pushes or forces anything on you, but rather works in partnership to provide her counsel and advice.
  2. Pam’s sense of style, color, wardrobe matching gave me a new appreciation for “what goes with what ” to achieve the total look. She took many of the things in my own closet and paired them nicely with things I already owned but had never thought to put together. She created a comfortable, yet stylish look for me.
  3. Pam is a great personal shopper. She is able to scan a store and instantly find things suitable for you and your needs.

– B Phillips, Newtown, CT

I am tall and clothes never fit me. I trusted Pam’s opinion and honesty. She worked with me to organize my closet and see exactly what would work and what I needed to buy. I work in a professional office and I needed outfits that mix and match. What I came away from this experience is that outfits could be put together with simple pieces and a great piece of jewelry. Thanks to Pam I feel much more confident shopping for clothes and putting outfits together.
– Andrea, Weston, CT

I have always been “fashion challenged.” I decided to seek the advice of an expert and found Pam’s website. We did pre-work via e-mail. Before our appointment, she knew what my challenges were, problem area, lifestyle, what items I owned and didn’t own, etc. While Pam went through my closet, I learned much more than four hours worth of fashion knowledge. I feel more confident than ever with my wardrobe. I have become more creative, and Pam has continued to advise me via e-mail or phone.
If you want to feel more confident in your look, and learn how to shop for clothes, styles, colors, and accessories that are most flattering for your figure, you should definitely give Pam a call.
– Vicky, Pound Ridge, NY

Thanks to Pam, you would not believe what a stir there was at work today. I wore outfit #2—black skirt, white blouse, red belt and necklace. It started as soon as I walked in the door. To my surprise my partners noticed right away! I didn’t think they ever noticed what I wore. Jan asked me for your card and so did a patient. I don’t think I got so many compliments on my wedding day. Thank you so much!
– Diane, M.D., Danbury, CT

Pam, I can never thank you enough for helping me put together a stylish, professional yet comfortable working wardrobe. I’ve have difficulty assembling pieces that form a cohesive “look. ” Added to that are other shopping challenges: my height—quite short; and my weight—over. So I’ve never, ever enjoyed shopping. One afternoon with Pam changed all that. She has such an eye for the styles, colors, shapes and fabrics that are just right for me. The pre-shopping she did made all the difference. Walking into the dressing room, feeling like a princess because Pam had put together “looks ” for me to try on made shopping FUN and productive. And best of all, the clothes (and shoes) were just right. Key for me was that Pam listens. I have outfits that are just right for meetings.
I am so enjoying my fashion “makeover,” and not one day goes by that someone doesn’t comment on it.
– Melissa, Norwalk

Pam brought tears to my eyes as she put together the most amazing outfits from clothes that were already in my closet. I actually felt pretty and put together for the first time in a long while. Just by adding an accessory or two she was able to teach me how to turn slacks and shirts into great “outfits”. She suggested things I would need to complete my “new look” and we made a date to go shopping. She actually made shopping fun. Having Pam as my wardrobe consultant was such a positive experience, I look forward to working with her again next season.
– Mary Ann, Newtown, CT

I want to thank you for all your help in replenishing my wardrobe with just the right clothes as I lose weight. My outfits used to feel uncomfortable and were not in the most flattering proportions for my body. You selected some styles that you knew I would wear and made such great suggestions—integrating flattering and updated styles that were new to me with what is already in my closet— giving me a great start on the basics of a new wardrobe. I never get dressed now without thinking of how much I appreciate your helping boost my self confidence. I never realized how much my entire outlook for a particular day is shaped by how I feel in my clothing. I thank you for helping me feel special each day. Anyone who needs a reference may feel free to call me. Your suggestions and advice are invaluable and greatly treasured.
– Karen, Ridgefield, CT

Thank you Pam! I’m the type that would rather go to the dentist than shopping for clothes because I don’t know what to look for—what fits—good colors, or what to stay away from. While I love classic, stylish clothes, the pain of not knowing what I was doing resulted in making boring easy choices of shapeless “mom” jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, and various styles of T-shirts well into adulthood. Shopping with you was an eye-opener—easy and great fun. My purchases all look fantastic—every piece was bought in stores I had never patronized before—and on sale (a must in my book), and I now look (and feel) like a grown-up with a sense of style.
– Theresa, Newtown, CT

Having Pam Friedlander work with me on my wardrobe and image was such a positive experience. I learned what styles flatter my figure best and how to choose the right clothing and correct size when walking into a store. I now have confidence not only when I’m wearing my new clothes, but when I go out to purchase new items. I feel more put together, confident and ready to take on the day.
-Mari Mitchell Porter, CPC
Life coach, Author, Speaker, Founder of “No limits Living” system and “Dare to be Authentic” Radio Show

Pam, thanks so much for all your help the other day. Yesterday I wore the dress we took the ties off. I had a lot of compliments. My husband was pleased and is very supportive about us getting together twice a year. I’ll look forward to see you for our shopping day!
-Diane, Connecticut

Pam presented a program to our administrative professionals group on age appropriate dress in the workplace. This was an interactive, fun presentation to a group of professional women ranging in age from 30′s to 70′s and included accessories such as scarves and jewelry. Pam’s presentation was interesting and informative, and everyone enjoyed it. The attendance at this event was way above average, and we are looking forward to having her join us at a future event!
-Peggy,IAAP Southwestern CT Chapter

I recently had my second child and my wardrobe has been neglected! Pam helped me see the value in creating a polished look for myself as a mother and how to present myself in a way that reflected self-worth. Not only was Pam professional in her dealings with me, but she was enthusiastic and truly cared about helping me feel happy in my body and my clothing choices. I’m so happy that I can get dressed in the morning and feel excited about the clothes in my closet rather than frustrated and resigned! Thanks Pam!”

Pam helped me shop in my closet for my 50th HS reunion. Pam helped me put together combinations that I never would have thought of doing. Thanks Pam for the confidence to look my best at such an important event.
-Paula, Sherman, CT