Virtual Stylist Consultation

From the comforts of your home, I can make you feel and look beautiful. I am delighted to say that I have helped women throughout the United States with my virtual personal stylist program.  I am a graduate of the City University of New York’s College of Staten Island.I am  also a co-author of a book “Dare to Be Authentic” and a contributor to “Refusing to Quit”.

Virtual Stylist Session

  • Get started with a Personal Stylist Consultation – $100.
    • We spend up to an hour reviewing your lifestyle, body type, style frustrations.
    • I will develop a plan to address your personal needs
  • There is no session commitment!
  • This makes a great gift too!
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How do we do it?

  • We use telephone, email and/or Facetime  to communicate together.
  • Email photos of yourself in outfits from your wardrobe.
  • I make clothing recommendations and help you determine what stores are best suited for you.

Starting with a frank Body Analysis discussion, we begin to determine what styles best suit your body type, lifestyle and personality. You send me photos of yourself in outfits you wear daily. We uncover the challenges and frustrations you face, and develop a guide that will help you in future wardrobe planning decisions.

“After being out of the dating market for awhile, Pam helped me get some stylish, classy outfits together. She encouraged me to step out of my little box and try things I wouldn’t have normally worn.

She made the process so much fun and went above and behind my expectations!I look forward to using her again in the future.”   Amy B.

Additional Virtual Stylist Sessions

In additional sessions, I will teach you how to find pieces that can be mixed and matched into wonderful new outfits. I critique your outfits based on the body analysis. I give you the guidelines to help you find the clothes that best fit your style, body type and lifestyle. I help you know what works for you, what brands to look for and suggest stores you can shop in. I help you decide what works and discard items that are dated, do not fit, and are just wrong for you. I will show you how to make outfits from your existing wardrobe using the photos you have sent me. During this consultation, I will compile a Wardrobe Check List for you to use when you go shopping.

“We had a series of phone sessions.  I was able to listen, learn & prepare my closet for a wardrobe makeover at my pace.  I now have fun with fashion again with big results!”  Cindy

Need more information – read what another client said about working with Pam.

“When I first got started wardrobe planning with Pam, it was hard for me to get myself motivated. Pam had told me to begin to clear out my closet by getting rid of old-out of-date clothing in sizes that no longer fit. I had lost some weight and needed some encouragement to continue along in that direction. Via phone Pam got me well on my way- instructing me to take all the pants out and put them on my bed. She waited while I tried on certain sizes and styles, coaching me to make piles of items that no longer fit or flattered my body. In less than an hour, I had made a huge leap into a project that I had been dreading & procrastinating – and all the while she made it fun. With her contagious enthusiasm I was able to see what I already owned & then it became quite clear what I needed. She asked me questions about what I had on hand & knew by her experience- sight unseen what I needed to fill in the gaps. To this day, I get regular compliments about my outfits. I no longer stress about what to wear to upcoming events, as I have the confidence I will have an appropriate outfit.

In a recent wedding, I had sent Pam a picture of my dress, and she guided me to the perfect accessories- paired with things I never would have thought on my own, I looked fantastic!

Love you Pam,” Karen

 Also Available:  Virtual Vacation Wardrobe Planning

Your vacation is the time to get away and have fun. Let me help you look and feel fabulous while you are on vacation with my Virtual Vacation Wardrobe Consulting. My services will teach you how to mix and match when traveling light, dressing for a special night, or dancing on a cruise vacation.

Ask about the Virtual Vacation Wardrobe Planning!