Fashion, Wardrobe & Image Stylist


Personal Wardrobe & Image Consulting in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1

Your Body & Style Analysis

  • We will determine what styles best suit your body type, personality and lifestyle.
  • We will discuss the challenges and frustrations you currently face.
  • Then we will develop a personal guide that will help you in future wardrobe planning decisions.

Your Personalized Color Checkup

  • My Color Checkup will determine the colors that best complement your eyes, skin tone and hair coloring.
  • When you wear the right colors, it will give you the confidence you need to feel absolutely radiant.
  • You can even get a color board to take with you when you go shopping.

Have Fun in Your Closet

  • sixstepsPic1From the comfort of your home – in your closet – we will find clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched into wonderful new outfits. You will be surprised at what you can find in a closet.
  • I will help you to decide what works best and discard items that are outdated or ill-fitting, and clothes that work against you.
  • You no longer need to be frustrated every time you go into your closet because after our consultation you will be able to put outfits together quickly and look great.
Step 4

Pre-Shop Services

  • With your photo and personal body measurements, I shop the stores that are suitable for your size, shape, style and personality.
  • When we meet for your Personal Shopping experience, your clothing will be ready for you to try on in the stores.
  • This takes the frustration and stress out of wondering, “What do I choose?”
Step 5

Personal Shopping

  • We work as a team, planning your wardrobe, trying on clothing and mixing and matching pieces to give you a pulled together look.
  • I am always mindful of your budget, which will be discussed during your initial consultation.
  • Your shopping experience is not limited to clothing alone.
  • My services include everything you need on your wardrobe checklist including undergarments, accessories and shoes.
Step 6

Finishing Touches

  • sixstepsPic2Upon completion of your wardrobe consultation and personal shopping, I will come to your home and help you visualize and put together all of your outfits and accessories.
  • You will learn how to mix and match your new purchases and existing pieces into a highly functional, polished and updated wardrobe.