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Southern Florida Image & Wardrobe Consulting Services

Positive Reflections offers wardrobe and image consulting services in the Southern Florida area.

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If you live in Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Del Ray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, Hollywood, Palm Beach or Pompeno Beach and are in need of a fashion consultant at your home and in your closet, call me today. Together we will find pieces that can be mixed and matched into wonderful new outfits. I help you decide what works and discard items that are dated, do not fit, and are just wrong for you. During this consultation, I will compile a Wardrobe Check List of clothing missing or needed for planning your Personal Shopping day.

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In just a few hours, I have a whole new closet of outfits using clothes I already have. What you can visualize in tops and belts and accessories is amazing. You created style out of what I considered an ordinary set of clothes. I feel so much more finished and polished. And all I have to do is look at the photos to replicate it in the morning. Linda

Pre-Shop Services

With your photo and personal body measurements, I shop the stores that are suitable for your size, shape, style and personality. The clothing will be ready for you to try on in the stores when we meet for your Southern Florida Personal Shopping experience.  This takes the frustration and stress out of wondering, “What do I choose?”  We can shop in stores in  Boca Raton, Pompeno Beach, Highland Beach, Deerfield Beach, Del Ray Beach,  Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, Hollywood, or Palm Beach.

Personal Shopping Consulting

We work as a team planning your wardrobe, trying on clothing and mixing and matching pieces to give you a complete look. I am always mindful of your budget, which will be discussed when we meet for the first time. Your shopping experience is not limited to clothing alone. My services include everything you might need that is part of your wardrobe checklist. These include undergarments, accessories and shoes.

I’m so excited to wear all my new clothes! It’s such a treat to go shopping with Pam. I put all my new clothes away and not a single piece will be returned. I just love ‘LOVING’ my clothes! Pattie

Finishing Touches

After your wardrobe consultation and personal shopping is complete, I will come to your home and help you visualize and put together all of your outfits and accessories. You will learn how to mix and match your new purchases and existing pieces into a highly functional, polished and updated wardrobe.

Special Occasions Fashion Consultation

Step out in fashion! There are special days in everyone’s life where finding just the right outfit seems overwhelming. If you have such an event coming up – don’t stress – call me. I can help you overcome any obstacles – you’ll feel confident in what you are wearing and keep your mind on the big day.

In a recent wedding, I had sent Pam a picture of my dress, and she guided me to the perfect accessories- paired with things I never would have thought on my own, I looked fantastic! Karen

Professional Corporate Image Consulting

Virtual Consulting

Your appearance tells a story about you. Give yourself every advantage in the workplace. I work with you to make sure you dress appropriately for your corporate culture. Finding the appropriate business professional or business casual office attire based on your individual corporate needs should be part of your career plan. I can help boost your career by elevating your dress and appearance to a more polished level.

Pam, I couldn’t wait to get home to e-mail you. You would not believe what a stir there was at work today. I wore outfit #2—black skirt, white blouse, red belt and necklace. It started as soon as I walked in the door. To my surprise my partners noticed right away! I didn’t think they ever noticed what I wore. Thank you so much! Diane

Vacation Wardrobe Planning

Your vacation is the time to get away and have fun. Let me help you look and feel fabulous while you are on vacation with my Vacation Wardrobe Consulting. My services will teach you how to mix and match when traveling light, dressing for a special night, or dancing on a cruise vacation.

Last night, my husband said “you look beautiful!” You made me feel & see myself differently! Elsie

Don’t live in Southern Florida?  Virtual Fashion, Wardrobe & Image Consulting

Pam Freidlander

I will teach you how to find pieces that can be mixed and matched into wonderful new outfits. I critique your outfits based on the body analysis. I give you the guidelines to help you find the clothes that best fit your style, body type and lifestyle. I help you know what works for you, what brands to look for and suggest stores you can shop in. I help you decide what works and discard items that are dated, do not fit, and are just wrong for you. I will show you how to make outfits from your existing wardrobe using the photos you have sent me. During this consultation, I will compile a Wardrobe Check List for you to use when you go shopping.

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