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Age is in the eye of the beholder!

How Old Do You Feel?

Am I Too Old to Wear Long Hair or Should I Wear Short Hair?

Is This Skirt Too Short?

Do I Look Too Sexy?

Do I Look Frumpy?

Am I Dressing Appropriately for My Age?

These are questions that I encounter when I am working with women in their closet and in the dressing room. What is age appropriate?

Here is my client Cyndi looking fabulous for a special event.

Cyndi ready for special event

One day, I was chatting with my cousin who was in her 90’s and now she is over 100 going strong. She is beautiful, sharp and ageless.  I asked her, “Ruthy, how old do you feel?”, she paused and said to me, “About 40… How old do you feel?”. I responded to her with the same answer “About 40…”, she smiled and replied, “See, we’re the same age.”

The biggest compliment I receive is when people say to me “I hope I look as good as you do when I’m your age”. First, I cringe, then I realize what a lovely compliment it is. What is really going on in my head is that I Think I am their contemporary even if they are 15-20 years younger than me. You can look in magazines and online and find all sorts of advice on what is considered “age appropriate”, but when I work with women in their closet or the dressing room, a woman only wants to feel great in her outfit. And you can’t put a number on that!

This is Katerina beautiful at 92 with style and her own personal flair. We just met and I had to take this photo..look beautiful at any size any age any time

Katrina and Pam

I encourage mature women who have beautiful long legs to wear short skirts but not in the office. If you have battled weight loss/ weight gain over the years, and are not comfortable with your loose skin, knee length or just above the knee is much more flattering. Showcasing the best part of your figure and wearing clothing that makes you feel confident and beautiful is what will help you forget about ‘age appropriate’ attire. When a woman dresses with consideration of the trends and keeps her wardrobe up to date, she will present that youthful spirit we’re all looking for.

Here is another client, Karen, looking stunning before she heads off to a black tie event.


Karen going to black tie event

You don’t have to worry about dressing ‘trendy’ just add a few touches of the seasons’ current trends into your wardrobe.

Let’s talk about hair. There is a point when a mature woman’s hair can look too young or the hair can be dragging her face down rather than giving her a fresh uplifted current image. It is important to understand that the structure of your face should determine what hair style is best for you as well as taking in your chronological age. Personally, I know when my hair is about two inches too long, I look tired and I know I need a hair face-lift.  Go for a consultation to a hair stylist if you feel you need a change and an uplift.

Accessories can be ageless. Beautiful colors will accentuate your skin and your eyes. Update your wardrobe with a statement necklace, ring or bracelet.

Pam with necklace


One of the tricks that I teach my clients at workshops is to listen to your daughter. Your daughter knows, give her the benefit of the doubt. She will tell you if you are dressing too frumpy or inappropriately.

I am here to help you put together a wardrobe that matches your style and your personality. I can work with you virtually or in person.  Call me at Positive Reflections!

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Pam in jumpsuit