Fashion, Wardrobe & Image Stylist


Are you single or back in the dating game?


Do you want to feel attractive to men & still look like a lady?
Are you concerned about dressing age appropriate & confused about “how am I supposed to look”?

First Date at any age can be very stressful. I want to make this experience fun for you.

Here are a few ideas to consider before your date.

1. Decide on the image you want to present

  •     Professional
  •     Elegant, Sexy, or Feminine
  •     Comfortable Casual
  1. Start by Having Fun In Your Closet
  •      Take a little time to put different looks together
  •      Add appropriate accessories.
  •      Make sure all pieces of your outfit are in good condition.

3.  If you are not satisfied with your choices, time to go shopping

4. Dress for the women looking at you in the mirror. You know what is
right for your personality. ” OWN”  her and smile and go have a very wonderful time.

Here are some fashion ideas to get you started.

First Date At Any Age


As a Wardrobe & Image Consultant, I can help you find your own personal style & image.
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