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Dating Again? Style recommendations for both women and men

Dating at any age can be nerve-racking, intimidating and stressful.  None of the looks you want to project!  You want to look cool, confident and friendly, maybe even flirty.  Let’s work with what you can control – your wardrobe.  Your jitters will back off when your fashionable style comes forward.

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Dressing for casual dates: Coffee shop dates, a stroll in the park, Saturday lunch.

You don’t want to overdress for casual dates but being underdressed might send the wrong message.  You could come off looking aloof, bored or like you don’t care.  And you do!  So let’s dress the part.

Clothes for casual dating

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Recommendations for Women:

Outfit:  Wear great fitting jeans with a silk top or blouse paired with a cardigan or cropped leather jacket.  Or wear a loose over weave sweater with a camisole underneth.  A cute strappy sandal is perfect for warmer weather and boots or booties make a great choice for colder weather.

Accessories:  If you are wearing a thin sweater or a long tunic, layer thin necklaces or wear a long pendant.

Makeup:  Go light on the makeup for your daytime look.  Wear your favorite color lipstick.  Get a relaxing manicure before your date.

Clothes for women dating again

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Menswear Style Recommendations:

Flattery is healthy for our egos… What if the young people at your work or your new date greeted you with “Wow, you look great”  Would that be all right with you?

Although men’s fashion doesn’t change as rapidly as women’s fashion, it does change.  When you make a choice to change things up once in a while, the benefits can be far-reaching.

Here is a list of subtle changes that can be advantageous, especially if you are dating again.

  1.  Instead of wearing your blue jeans, smarten the look up by swapping it for gray or black jeans.
  2. A quick way to look modern and distinctive is to visit an eyeglass boutique where the selection is extensive.  A “hip” frame can knock years off your age and make you look as important and attractive as you really are.
  3. While you may  have blazers in your closet, they could need an update.  Instead of a standard blazer, your new dating lifestyle could benefit from a lightweight navy quilted hunting style jacket or a leather jacket.  Team it with jeans or a dress slack and you will have a modern look.
  4. While searching your closet, always check for stains, torn or discolored items.  These small details should not be overlooked, because the benefits will be amazing.
Clothes for men dating again

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All of the above  recommendations are contemporary choices which will work in general.  If you would prefer a consultation which is specific to your body type and personality be sure and check out my virtual style consultation for people who are dating again.