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Dress The Body You Have!


The Hourglass Figure
You have the figure every woman wants. You can purchase off the rack because your body is balanced. Whether you are a size 2 or 12, hourglass figures always look in proportion. Try a figure flattering sheath dress and a wide belt.

Inverted Triangle

You are larger above the waist, with your upper body larger than bottom. Wear dark color tops and straight leg jeans or trousers. A well fitted bra is a must for you. V-neck tops and wrap tops are great for your body type.

The Triangle

If you have this body type, you are smaller in the bust and larger on the bottom. Broaden the upper body by using a horizontal neck line, and use shoulder pads in tops and dresses. Pay attention to giving the upper and lower body balance and proportion. Draw visual attention to your upper body and use light colors, and wear darker colors on the bottom.

The Rectangle / Slim Straight Line/ Athletic Shape

Create the illusion of an hourglass by adding volume to your bust. Try bras that lift. Use belts to accentuate your waist. A feminine, full-flair skirt or A-line skirt can be flattering for you.

Round Body Shape

You don’t have a well defined waist line. Your weight is located around the tummy with large breasts. Body shapers and well fitted bras will help define your figure. Select monochromatic outfits, flowing fabrics, tunics, long tops, V-necks and accessories that draw attention to your face.

Remember to try great fabrics with shine and texture. Always use accessories to finish your look.