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Let’s Get Ready For Fall From Top to Bottom: Undergarments.

I was shopping with a friend the other day and she suggested that I do a blog post on bras. I agree because we all have issues with finding proper fitting undergarments. Sometimes they are so hard to even get on that you feel that you are in a vice.

The first thing I do when I am with a client in a their closet or dressing room is discuss undergarments.

Even more important than the clothes you wear is what you put underneath.

The right bra and body shapers can transform any outfit.

To determine the best fit get measured by a professional bra fitter to ensure that you haven’t gone up, or down in a cup size. I have noticed with some clients, as well as myself that as we age our bra sizes increase. I advise my clients when shopping for undergarments to try on several manufacturer’s styles to see what fits best. After all, a C cup in one brand may be a D in another.
Bra Measurement

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Large breasted women might consider minimizing bras. These undergarments don’t flatten your shape but hold you in, give you support, and a more slimming profile.

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Small breasted women can benefit from the right bra as well. I suggest a demi style which offers shape, form, and lift.
Good bra fit

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Bra Tips

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As with bras, not all undies are created equal. Your underwear should hide your flaws and accentuate your features. Your body type, your problem areas, and the clothes you wear all dictate your choice of underwear. Again, the golden rule is fit, be sure that your underwear, no matter the style fits you properly and is flush against your skin. By far a visible panty line is the number one outfit killer.
Visible panty line

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Shaping Up:
Shape wear has certainly come a long way from grandma’s girdles.
When selecting shape wear, always choose a size a little larger so it doesn’t dig into your skin and cause extra bulges.
Your grandmother's corset

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Styles vary from one piece shape suits to shape wear that targets specific body parts such as the tummy, hips, and thighs. Most brands even offer varying degrees of control. But, what you choose depends on your outfits. I prefer the smooth, clean lines you get from a one piece garment.

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Body Shaper

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