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Find Your Style Personality With This New Trend

A visit to the department store this season may be a bit overwhelming . It can be hard to dress your personal style. I want you to feel more like “you” this season.

It appears that everything is about the Shoulder. Cold shoulder, off shoulder  made it down the runway in the pretty dresses, evening gowns, jumpsuits and tops.

Give me a cold shoulder

Would you be surprised if I said there’s a style for every personal image. I’ve prepared a guide with focuses on four of the style personalities.

You may find that you resonate with one category or maybe you are a mix of categories. Enjoy reading through them all. There may be style you want to wear when you’re feeling like a tender romantic and then you may want a style for when you like to go preppy chic. Have fun with this guide.

If showing off your shoulder is not your thing, I’m here to help you with all your spring and summer fashion trends, so you can” Have Fun In Your Closet” this Season.

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“Tender Romantic”


Tender Romantic

You take the time to wonder, reflect and appreciate. You’re drawn to beauty. You care deeply, feel passionately, and have a sentimental side. You want a charm bracelet more than designer tennis shoes.

 Others might describe you this way:
Thoughtful and considerate
Loving and nurturing
Soft around the edges
Deep and dreamy
Serene and sensual
Cherishes memories

“The Luxury Peasant”

Luxury peasant

There is a sense of wonder, romance and creativity in your soul. You appreciate beauty across the eras and notice refinement. You enjoyed playing “dress up” as a child and are an imaginative adult.

Others might describe you this way:

Exotic and dreamy

“The Alluring Temptress”

Alluring Temptress

You are a woman who can handle attention. You understand the importance of what is hidden and what is revealed. You have a playful side, but you are a strategic thinker and planner.

Others might describe you this way:
Womanly and sensual
Comfortable standing out in a crowd

“The Edgy Sophisticate”


Edgy Sophisticate

You live in a town, small or large, but are a New Yorker at heart—even if you’ve never been there. You have understated glamour. Your outfits always have a unique element, but you’re not seeking the center of attention. You are too busy living your own life.

Others  might describe you this way:
Classic but with a twist
Urban connection
Modern, doesn’t linger in the past
Thoughtfully put together
More sleek, less fussy
Has a high fashion IQ with a knowledge of fashion history and its evolution

If you are one of the remaining style personalities like Preppy Chic, Risk Taker or if you are a relaxed personality that enjoys an Organic Flair I am always here to help you pull together an outfit for your personal style.

Remember, you may be a combination of more than one style personality so pick and choose to get it just right. Or, let me help you! I’m happy to help create outfits for your upcoming events. Don’t forget to use your 20% off before April 1, 2017.

I would love to hear your feedback on this new trend.  Email  me at [email protected]