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Have Fun in Your Closet This Fall

Are you one of the many women who struggle with finding the perfect outfit in your closet? Many women go to the same old same old every day, not realizing that there is a better way.

In every closet I am invited into there is always an AH HA moment. I find “HiddenTreasures” and create outfits that my clients always say, “I would have never thought of putting that together”

Meet Gail and Annamarie. They are two of my clients that have enjoyed the process of learning how to “Have Fun in your Closet”.


Gail and I found a variety of ‘new’ outfits from her existing wardrobe.

Gail is a Ball Room Dancer and an equestrian. She wanted to feel special when she walked out the door or entered a room. By focusing on her favorite colors and items that fit her petite body, we created outfits that were updated and stylish. Gail felt fantastic.



We mixed and matched some black and white pieces for a professional look.

Annamarie was starting a new job and her clothing needed to reflect her new position.
We paired pieces from her wardrobe for end of summer business trip that would enhance her vibrant personality and new career.
I suggested she discard anything that was in poor condition or just didn’t flatter her.

Tip 1: Clear out the clutter
The only thing that belongs in your closet are clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories. Keeping your outfits together makes it easy to select clothes in the morning.

Organized Closet

Tip 2: If it doesn’t fit you now – put it away
When fit is on your side you will look fabulous no matter your age. Don’t leave clothes in your closet that you are ‘waiting to be able to fit into’. Pack them up or get rid of them.

Annamarie in black dress

Annamarie loved a necklace from my collection. She enjoyed the flexibility of using one accessory with a different looks.

Tip 3: Accessorize
Necklaces, earrings scarfs belts and shoes, finish off an outfit. Look through your stash and start using some of your great pieces. Remember shoes are an accessory, although necessary. Please look down at your feet. Are they getting the attention they deserve? Toss old, worn and uncomfortable shoes.
Tip 4: Make a list of what you need and Go Shopping!!
Create a list of everything you are missing in your wardrobe to make it easy to get ready each day. These should be items that are essential to your lifestyle.

Annamarie and Gail worked on a wardrobe check list with me to complete the process of “Having Fun In Your Closet”. We shopped with all the items in mind and completed their wardrobe for the season.

Gail in Leather Jacket

Accessories always finish an outfit. Gail looked through all her lovely accessories and I suggested which pieces would work with a variety of outfits.


Below are some Fall Basics to help you create your fall wardrobe.

Fall Basics

I would love to help you have Fun in Your Closet this fall. Give me a call and together we can help you find the hidden treasures in your closet to make you look and feel fantastic.

You can call me at 203.798.0718 or email me at [email protected]