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Holiday Party Style Strategies

Happy Holidays!
I wish all my clients friends, and family Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.
May this be the year that every time you look in the Mirror you say to yourself “YOU GO GIRL “

Pam sitting by Christmas tree

Holiday Party Style Strategies

You’re invited to a party or get together and you want to feel festive. What do you do? Do you rush out to the store after work to buy a new outfit? Do you leave everything to the last minute and try to pull something from your closet from things you’ve worn in past years? Do you have a meltdown and call the hostess and tell her you’re coming down with the flu?

Any one of these three strategies could bring your stress level up near the breaking point. Maybe you get mad at yourself for leaving these details to the last minute. Perhaps you think everyone else must really have it together and only you have problems over what to wear.

Ban those thoughts! Take a deep breath…that’s good…now let’s talk some style sense.
1. There’s good news, you could be more prepared than you realize.
2. By calmly looking at your options, you can get excited about the party instead of dreading it.
3. Everyone goes through fashion breakdowns but you can learn to curb yours with a few tips about how to look festive.

Are you ready to start putting together a few holiday outfits? Inspiration is as close as the fall trends you may have already added to your wardrobe. Here are three style choices to work into your fun holiday looks


Remember those velvet slacks you bought or that velvet jacket you scored this fall.  Combine either with lace and pearls and you’ve got a romantic holiday party theme.


Romantic Velvet

Pleated midi skirt.

This skirt is pretty in a print and glissens in metallic gold or silver. Either one can be a key ingredient for a night of holiday cheer.


Pleated Skirts

Wide leg pants

In satin or prints is a comfortable and in-style choice for a Holiday party. Pair them with your favorite sweater or blouse. You will certainly make a statement.


Wide Leg Pants


Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday and a very happy, healthy and safe New Year.