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Sharp, Savvy, Summer Shopping Tips

Summer is here and the SALES ARE INCREDIBLE!!!

Sometimes we tend to think that only the junk is left over in sales-and who has the patience to sift through it?!

Summer Fun 2016


This list will help you get the wardrobe you want, save you money, and get a great ready-to-wear Summer wardrobe for 2016 and beyond!

  • Always keep store coupons in your handbag or car.
  • Go shopping when you are relaxed, with no agenda of a particular outfit.
  • If you find a great piece… and it fits well… and you love it… GET IT! If the question is… Do I really need it? The answer is YES… Put it away… you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you can pull it out of your closet for a winter trip or next summer when you are looking for something special – and YOU DID NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE IT AT FULL PRICE.
  • Look for COLOR in your accessories.
  • Find wonderful handbags in a variety of colors. They add PUNCH and STYLE to any outfit.
Summer 2016 Handbags
  • Your handbag does NOT have to match your shoes.
  • A bold, beautiful, colorful necklace and earrings finish an outfit with style.

Statement necklace and earrings

  • Don’t forget the belts in various colors… They really complete your summer look.
  • Camis in a variety of colors is a wardrobe staple.
  • Get extra sandals and shoes on sale.  It takes some time and work, but you will get great value and have shoes for Summer 2017 ready to wear.
  • Do not be afraid to walk into a store you think is beyond your budget, especially when there is a sale.  You will be surprised at the values you will find.
  • The right bra will change the way you feel and look this summer.

Pam and flowers

Have a great summer!  Stop and smell the flowers!

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