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New Year, New You

Are you ready for a New Year? Do you feel like your closet is a battlefield? I know you have been putting off cleaning it out for some time now, but don’t let anymore time pass you by! It is time to get into high gear and stand up to the piled high closet! You know those clothes that sit in your closet day after day collecting dust because you say “one day I will wear it”.. lets face it, you know you are not going to wear it and it is just taking up space. I am so excited to share with you some money saving ideas and tips. I will help you take a good look at your wardrobe so you can begin this year with a fresh look at your style and your fashion options. Working with Positive Reflections, you will learn how to be smart with your time and money. Getting dressed will be easy efficient, and a source of joy, so book your appointment today!

2014 Updating your Closet


Re-purpose your clothes

  • Take a new look at your clothes. Is there something in your closet that you’ve been saving for “good” that could be brought more into the “go to pieces” of your wardrobe.
  • Try mixing and matching some with your better jackets, you only wear for special occasions. Pair it with a wrap dress for work or jeans heels and a simple shirt for a weekend dinner.

Get Cash Back

  • This is the perfect time to go through your closet and edit out what you are not wearing. Take advantage of the cold snowy days and weekends.
  • This is the time to be honest with yourself…Maybe they just are not right. Some may even have price tags.
  • Recoup some of your financial loss and take them to a local consignment store, or sell items online for cash back.
  • Once you get your non usable items out of your closet, you will be more apt to wear what you have! And “Have Fun In Your Closet”!

Be Cautious…It’s your budget

  • Looks that are popular on the runway are copied for stores famous for their low price point.
  • “Fast Fashion”. When fashion is inexpensive it can become irresistible , and before you realize it, those $15 to $25 items start adding up.
  • You may have a closet full of inexpensive clothing you haven’t invested a lot in. If they only last one season are you OK with that?
  • Shop discreetly for a few fast fashion accessories or tops. This will save you money to spend on quality items that you will wear over and over again. Quality items make your inexpensive items look richer.
  • Don’t forget about a jewelry box! It will help keep all of your accessories in order so you don’t have to replace a piece of jewelry.

Protect Your Wardrobe

  • Take time to protect the things you own wear and love in your wardrobe.
  • Cedar blocks and cedar hangers are great for wool items.
  • Remove items from the floor of your closet nad clean it thoroughly.
  • Study labels… Before you throw anything in the wash read the directions carefully.

Beware of Sale Shopping and spending

  • Spending money on sale items that do not work for you is a waste.
  • Buying sale items can be fun, and tempting, but if you keep adding things just because they are on sale, without using what you already have, you will not be any further ahead
  • Give yourself a monthly challenge to make new outfits from what you already own.

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