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Spring Into a New You!!

During the past year of COVID 19 pandemic our wardrobe and choices of clothing  changed dramatically.   What we used to wear was no longer  a part of our everyday lifestyle to say the least. Everyone reverted to “HOME CASUAL”.  Pajamas, Tee shirts, Sweat Pants, Leggings. If you were on a Zoom or conference call, that is when your makeup went  on. You pulled your Go To Top or Dress from your wardrobe.  Otherwise your closet missed you this year. You were “ incognito”

There were changes in the fashion industry that evolved during this year.  For example eye makeup was on the rise, however, lipstick was not.

Phyllis at home with dog

Phyllis at home in comfy clothes

Now that people are beginning to go out and be seen and shop again, casual and comfortable seem to be the key words when choosing clothing and footwear.

The top four statements women are saying about shopping again are:

  1. I don’t get ‘dressed up’ anymore.
  2. I haven’t been anywhere in a long time, what do I wear when I go out now?
  3.  I need to loose 10 Pounds.
  4. I have been working from home with no dress code!

Now that times are getting better and you can begin to focus on yourself I have put together some ideas for this Spring.

Choose your outfits to make you feel happy.

This Spring and Summer make it your priority to choose color. Don’t go back to your usual beige, black brown gray. Just choose one piece in your outfit with fun colors. Jumpsuits are very trendy right now and a go to outfit for almost any outing.  There is no matching involved – it’s easy.

Pam in colorful jumpsuit

Pam in a multicolor jumpsuit.


Amy is wearing Lily Pulitzer

Amy is wearing Lily Pulitzer, always a good choice for color


Below are some spring suggestions that you can easily purchase in your size to get your spring shopping started.

Spring fashions

Click on the image for purchase information


Don’t forget you can add color to your outfits with your accessories. Mix and match with various outfits.

Pam in a necklace

This necklace was handmade by Paula Marian (


Just because shoes are comfortable, that does not mean they can’t be stylish this season.

I have noticed that there is a dramatic difference in shoe choices in DSW, and Malls. Low heels, comfort shoes, sneakers sandals predominate.


Be comfortable in your own feet.  Click on any shoe for buying information (They are all on sale!!)

Teva Cross Strap Wedge

Teva Cross Strap Wedge


Eileen Fischer Lace Espadrille

Eileen Fisher Lace Espadrille


Eileen fischer Wedge Sandal

Eileen Fisher Viv Wedge Sandal









Naturalizer Caine Strap Ankle Sandal

Naturalizer Caine Strap Ankle Sandal









Need help with your wardrobe?

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