Is your personal world changing?

Dating again...New Career...Age Milestone...Weight Change?

Wasting precious time figuring out what to wear?

A closet full of clothes, but can’t put together an outfit?

Feel stressed or frustrated when you go shopping?

I can help you look beautiful at any size, any age, any time.


Have Fun In Your Closet Package

Learn about your personal style and find hidden treasures in your closet.


Are you a woman in transition?  Change in your life often means change in your wardrobe.

I can help you look and feel your best, especially if you are:
  • New to the dating world
  • Starting on a new career or returning to work
  • Hitting an age milestone
  • Trying to manage business casual
  • After a weight loss or weight gain
  • Downsizing – what to keep?  How to de-clutter and still look stylish

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Graduation Parties, and 4th of July parties are fun to look forward to, but WHAT DO I WEAR? is the question. 

Comfort is key in choosing the right outfit.  Depending how you feel about your legs shorts or cropped slacks are a good choice.  Cotton, linen, cold shoulder tops make a Read More…


I am invited to a wedding this summer. What should I wear??

If the invitation is not specific about dress attire, feel free to wear a dress you love and feel great in. It is always OK to wear a the Perfect Read More…