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Swimsuit Confidence and Cute Coverups      WHAT DO I WEAR??

Are you dreading the thought of buying a swimsuit this summer?. I know it is not just the purchase that gives so many of us the anxiety and torture, it is the process of trying so many on until you finally settle on one.

Here are a few tips to remember when shopping for one. After all I don’t know many women that go through the process without some frustration.

  • Find swimsuits with an hourglass pattern to create you own hourglass figure.
  • If you are full figured, a built in wire cup is flattering and shaping. 
  • Miracle Suits are a perfect choice to pull everything in. 
  • Tankinis are versatile and flatter many body types
  • Camouflage your muffin top with a long waisted tankini
  • Opt for small prints to distract from your stomach 
  • Look for solid bottoms for a slimming effect
  • Don’t look at yourself and mourn the body you used to have
  • Focus on the Positive!


Bathing suit shopping can be overwhelming when you walk into the department and see lots of bright, wild colors.

Focus on finding one that repeats or compliments your hair, skin, or eye colors. Already you’ll feel more attractive in a bathing suit.


Cover me Up

Maxi dresses can be a perfect beach or pool party cover up. They are comfortable with a variety of necklines to compliment your swimsuit.
A lovely Kaftan doubles as a cover up or summer top. Slip on a pair of capris or cropped jeans and you are ready to go to dinner.

All you need to make your poolside entrance is one bold accessory. Consider the wide brimmed floppy hat, a generous lightweight infinity scarf, or a metallic heeled sandal.


Pam and Jane in their coverups at the pool.

Pam and Jane in their cover-ups at the pool.

Graduation Parties, and 4th of July parties are fun to look forward to, but WHAT DO I WEAR? is the question. 

Comfort is key in choosing the right outfit.  Depending how you feel about your legs shorts or cropped slacks are a good choice.  Cotton, linen, cold shoulder tops make a statement.  And of course wear red, white or blue for the fourth of July.  When wearing a comfortable pair of jeans choose a great top to finish off your look.  Sandals, wedges  and espadrilles always work for an outdoor party.

Don’t forget the extra accessories!!

  • Bold beautiful  colorful tote bag
  • Earrings, bracelets, or necklaces complete your outfit
  • Make sure all the pieces relate and harmonize with each other
  • Have fun choosing a pair of Sunglasses this summer


dressing for july 4th

Graduation party ideas

Sundresses in  beautiful floral prints are always a good choice for a graduation party.  They are comfortable, casual and pretty.

Grad Party

I am invited to a wedding this summer. What should I wear??

  • If the invitation is not specific about dress attire, feel free to wear a dress you love and feel great in.
  • It is always OK to wear a the Perfect Black Dress to an afternoon or evening Wedding.
  • Black Tie optional can be confusing to many of us. Choose a cocktail dress in a color that compliments you, or black.
  • Accessories always finish your look
  • If the wedding is on the grass, consider wearing a wider heel or wedge.


Summer Wedding /Black Tie Optional

What are you doing for Mother’s Day?

Mothers Day Message


I know what I am doing on Mothers Day; I am celebrating my 70th  Birthday  on May 14th and I feel like I’m forty something!

Over the years I would make family barbeques, and hoped for a beautiful Spring day. It was also a pleasure when invited to friends or family to celebrate the day with them.

Whatever your plans are, here are some ideas for comfortable, casual easy, outfits.


STEP ONE:  You can’t go wrong with any length you choose this Spring and Summer.

Lots of Options

STEP TWO:  Here are some tops you can mix and match with casual bottoms.

Lots of Tops

STEP THREE:  Look in your closet, look in your jewelry box and find fun accessories.  Shoe comfort is very important on this special day.

Shoes & Accessories
If you would like guidance selecting your Mother’s Day outfit or would like to give your mom a gift of Style please call or email me to use the special offer below.
 Virtual Session Coupon







Wishing you and yours a wonderful Mother’s Day


Getting Dressed is Easy With a Dress

When the weather gets warmer, make dressing easy when you choose to wear a dress. Dresses can be all personality if you choose one in a flashy print, bold color or high tech fabric. Or you can add personality to a simple dress with your choice of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, handbags, and shoes.
Pam in a dress

If you haven’t worn a dress recently, it would be a great idea to try on a variety of styles.
Here are some of the key dress styles of the season. I’ve grouped them with an emphasis on style personality. See if you find a few that sound enticing.


Feminine Self

To satisfy your feminine self, try these dress styles.

  1. Dresses with ruffles either at the hemline, the neckline, or the sleeves
  2. Lace dresses in yellow or purple
  3. Dresses with appliques or embroidery


Feminine Self

Tomboy Self

To satisfy your natural, tomboy self, try these dresses.

  1. A denim dress
  2. A simple halter style knit dress
  3. A striped wrap dress


Tomboy Self

Dramatic Self

To satisfy your dramatic self, try these dresses.

  1. One shoulder dresses
  2. A floral print dress with oversized roses on it
  3. A column dress with a long side slit


Dramatic Self

Alluring Self

To satisfy your alluring self, try these dresses.

  1. Dresses in transparent print fabrics
  2. Short knit dresses
  3. Empire dresses



Alluring Self


Comfortable Self

To satisfy your comfortable self try these dresses

  1. Small flower prints
  2. Fuller skirt
  3. Large stripe


Comfortable Self


Accessorizing your dresses

  1. When wearing a multi-layered dress consider adding a leather belt to the waist to create some definition and a focal point.
  2. Wear a knit column dress with a funky low slung wide hip belt.
  3. Wear a long pendant with an oversized A-line dress.
  4. Wear larger totes or bags with dresses with lots of volume.
  5. Add a wide scarf as a wrap for a sleeveless dress.
  6. To make a dress appear less girly, wear a chunky heeled sandal

A few final dress tips from Pam

  1. If you’re worried about the heat choose a dress without a collar. It’ll be cooler than one with a collar.
  2. On that note, fuller dresses create more natural ventilation.
  3. Wearing a full slip under a dress can keep a dress from clinging.
  4. Choosing to wear a dress in your favorite print can make you feel cheerful all day.
  5. There’s no reason to fret about hem lengths. You’ll find dresses with short hemlines or hemlines at the knee, below the knee, at the calf, or all the way down to your ankles.

Make this the year you express yourself in a dress (or two or three) that brings you delight.

Let me help you select dresses that relate to your personality and flatters your figure. Together we’ll address the dress!  Give me a call at 203.798.0718 or email me at [email protected].


Find Your Style Personality With This New Trend

A visit to the department store this season may be a bit overwhelming . It can be hard to dress your personal style. I want you to feel more like “you” this season.

It appears that everything is about the Shoulder. Cold shoulder, off shoulder  made it down the runway in the pretty dresses, evening gowns, jumpsuits and tops.

Give me a cold shoulder

Would you be surprised if I said there’s a style for every personal image. I’ve prepared a guide with focuses on four of the style personalities.

You may find that you resonate with one category or maybe you are a mix of categories. Enjoy reading through them all. There may be style you want to wear when you’re feeling like a tender romantic and then you may want a style for when you like to go preppy chic. Have fun with this guide.

If showing off your shoulder is not your thing, I’m here to help you with all your spring and summer fashion trends, so you can” Have Fun In Your Closet” this Season.

To celebrate Spring I’m offering 20% off my Have Fun in Your Closet Package. Give me a call before April 1, 2017 to take advantage of this offer.


“Tender Romantic”


Tender Romantic

You take the time to wonder, reflect and appreciate. You’re drawn to beauty. You care deeply, feel passionately, and have a sentimental side. You want a charm bracelet more than designer tennis shoes.

 Others might describe you this way:
Thoughtful and considerate
Loving and nurturing
Soft around the edges
Deep and dreamy
Serene and sensual
Cherishes memories

“The Luxury Peasant”

Luxury peasant

There is a sense of wonder, romance and creativity in your soul. You appreciate beauty across the eras and notice refinement. You enjoyed playing “dress up” as a child and are an imaginative adult.

Others might describe you this way:

Exotic and dreamy

“The Alluring Temptress”

Alluring Temptress

You are a woman who can handle attention. You understand the importance of what is hidden and what is revealed. You have a playful side, but you are a strategic thinker and planner.

Others might describe you this way:
Womanly and sensual
Comfortable standing out in a crowd

“The Edgy Sophisticate”


Edgy Sophisticate

You live in a town, small or large, but are a New Yorker at heart—even if you’ve never been there. You have understated glamour. Your outfits always have a unique element, but you’re not seeking the center of attention. You are too busy living your own life.

Others  might describe you this way:
Classic but with a twist
Urban connection
Modern, doesn’t linger in the past
Thoughtfully put together
More sleek, less fussy
Has a high fashion IQ with a knowledge of fashion history and its evolution

If you are one of the remaining style personalities like Preppy Chic, Risk Taker or if you are a relaxed personality that enjoys an Organic Flair I am always here to help you pull together an outfit for your personal style.

Remember, you may be a combination of more than one style personality so pick and choose to get it just right. Or, let me help you! I’m happy to help create outfits for your upcoming events. Don’t forget to use your 20% off before April 1, 2017.

I would love to hear your feedback on this new trend.  Email  me at [email protected]


February Thoughts!

Have Fun this February!

Everywhere you look in the month of February you see, chocolate, hearts, flowers, and photos of loving couples.

As I meet so many women of different lifestyles, careers, and ages, one thing is certain. WE CARE AND, WE LOVE, our children, grandchildren, parents, lifetime friends, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters.

There are too many women who feel left out on Valentines day because they are single due to many reasons including choice, and circumstances.


Heart to Heart

February is also American Heart Month!

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. To prevent heart disease and increase awareness of its effects, get involved with the American Heart Association in February and Love your Heart.

You can make healthy changes to lower your risk of developing heart disease. Controlling and preventing risk factors is also important for people who already have heart disease. To lower your risk:
Watch your weight.
Quit smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke.
Control your cholesterol and blood pressure.
If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation.
Get active and eat healthy.

Here are some ideas:

  • Call a friend and reconnect
  • Relax with a manicure or pedicure
  • Try a dance class
  •  Treat yourself to a massage or facial
  •  What about a new hair style to make you feel really good!!

Call me so I can help you feel good about your wardrobe and shopping.

Virtual Stylist Ad

Virtual Stylist Session

From the comforts of your home, I can make you feel and look beautiful. Via phone or Facetime.  We review your photos and discuss your lifestyle, fit, body type, & wardrobe. I will develop a plan to address your needs. First consultation – $35.   Give me a call at 203-733-9328 or 203.798.0718 or email me at [email protected].

Wishing you a fabulous heart happy and heart healthy February!


The Giving Season Has Begun

Christmas card

During this Holiday Season I am thinking about you and all the incredible women I helped look and feel wonderful.  A beautiful home with incredible bones, sometimes just needs a little attention. I know that when women begin to see their own beautiful vision, a new  confidence emerges. A little guidance, new ideas, tricks and tips, help women see what is possible.

After all your Holiday shopping  is done it is time to enjoy a gift from Pam under your tree.
Pam in scarfThis year please accept my gift of 20% off any service or accessory starting March 1, 2017.  Use it Spring 2017 when the flowers are blooming and the snow is gone, and you are ready to shop again for new trends and colors.

May you experience lots of love, laughter and joy this Christmas and beyond and a very Happy New Year too!


Stepping Up Casual for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is almost here, and you are an invited guest.
Maybe you are the Hostess and have a lot of preparing to do. As the hostess you want to be comfortable, and as a guest you want to look your best.

What do I wear?
Do you ever feel like your casual wardrobe is too plain or dull? Do you envy others who can make a casual outfit look so pulled together? Here are some easy ways to step into a great comfortable and casual outfit for Thanksgiving.


Fall Comfort with Style

Get Into a Smart pair of Jeans.   A good looking pair of jeans that fits and flatters you while being current and in style will make casual combinations easy to put together. Darker denim can be dressy as well as casual.

The Art Of Layering pieces together to achieve a dynamic look, is the secret sauce in many of this seasons looks. As you put your outfit together, see if you can create it using color, fabrics, and accessories.
Get Easy To Wear Outerwear. Fur vests can be fun funky as well as casual, long cashmere dusters ads an element of chic elegance. If blazers aren’t your style consider a jeans jacket. All of these outer pieces could look great with skirts, pants or dresses.

Slip Into A Stylish Bootie. There are so many choices in color, heel and design of booties this year. A rich suede color or leather will make your casual outfit dynamic.

Thanksgiving Style

Top it off with Accessories. Layer with necklaces or bracelets. The rule of three bracelets always works.

Sweaters are a perfect choice for Thanksgiving – watching football games, the parade and sitting around the fire.

Lets Get Cozy

Need some help with your casual wardrobe? Lets get you looking great, any Size, any Age, any Time. Give me a call and we’ll put some great outfits together.


Have Fun in Your Closet This Fall

Are you one of the many women who struggle with finding the perfect outfit in your closet? Many women go to the same old same old every day, not realizing that there is a better way.

In every closet I am invited into there is always an AH HA moment. I find “HiddenTreasures” and create outfits that my clients always say, “I would have never thought of putting that together”

Meet Gail and Annamarie. They are two of my clients that have enjoyed the process of learning how to “Have Fun in your Closet”.


Gail and I found a variety of ‘new’ outfits from her existing wardrobe.

Gail is a Ball Room Dancer and an equestrian. She wanted to feel special when she walked out the door or entered a room. By focusing on her favorite colors and items that fit her petite body, we created outfits that were updated and stylish. Gail felt fantastic.



We mixed and matched some black and white pieces for a professional look.

Annamarie was starting a new job and her clothing needed to reflect her new position.
We paired pieces from her wardrobe for end of summer business trip that would enhance her vibrant personality and new career.
I suggested she discard anything that was in poor condition or just didn’t flatter her.

Tip 1: Clear out the clutter
The only thing that belongs in your closet are clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories. Keeping your outfits together makes it easy to select clothes in the morning.

Organized Closet

Tip 2: If it doesn’t fit you now – put it away
When fit is on your side you will look fabulous no matter your age. Don’t leave clothes in your closet that you are ‘waiting to be able to fit into’. Pack them up or get rid of them.

Annamarie in black dress

Annamarie loved a necklace from my collection. She enjoyed the flexibility of using one accessory with a different looks.

Tip 3: Accessorize
Necklaces, earrings scarfs belts and shoes, finish off an outfit. Look through your stash and start using some of your great pieces. Remember shoes are an accessory, although necessary. Please look down at your feet. Are they getting the attention they deserve? Toss old, worn and uncomfortable shoes.
Tip 4: Make a list of what you need and Go Shopping!!
Create a list of everything you are missing in your wardrobe to make it easy to get ready each day. These should be items that are essential to your lifestyle.

Annamarie and Gail worked on a wardrobe check list with me to complete the process of “Having Fun In Your Closet”. We shopped with all the items in mind and completed their wardrobe for the season.

Gail in Leather Jacket

Accessories always finish an outfit. Gail looked through all her lovely accessories and I suggested which pieces would work with a variety of outfits.


Below are some Fall Basics to help you create your fall wardrobe.

Fall Basics

I would love to help you have Fun in Your Closet this fall. Give me a call and together we can help you find the hidden treasures in your closet to make you look and feel fantastic.

You can call me at 203.798.0718 or email me at [email protected]