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  • Mar 25 2019
    by pamfriedlander
  • Reaching for Classics This Spring

    When spring fashions show up online or in the stores, there’s often an audible groan. Why? At first glance, the selections can look like island party fare: sheer fabrics, jean shorts, itty-bitty slip dresses. Is everyone on vacation? Professional women looking for summer work attire feel left out. There’s also the woman who favors clothes and accessories that are classic and elegant all year round. Women who enjoy refined and Read More…

  • Aug 13 2018
    by pamfriedlander
  • It’s Time to Think About Your Fall 2018 Wardrobe!

    Are you ready to try some new things from the fall/winter fashion offerings? Whether you sample one item or several, there are some tantalizing treats to choose from. For people who’ve been wondering where brown went, it’s back! It comes in all shades of chocolate and on into burnt caramel. Time to stock your shoe and handbag shelves with this rich color or choose a few separates to blend into Read More…

  • May 08 2018
    by pamfriedlander
  • Spring Fashion Tuneup

    It’s time to transition your wardrobe to spring! We all know not to believe every weather report we hear. The running joke is that weather experts get it right about 50% of the time. In any case, I want you to feel prepared 100% of the time for whatever the day brings. Even though the calendar and the stores say it’s spring, you may not be enjoying spring-like conditions for Read More…

  • Feb 13 2018
    by pamfriedlander
  • How to wear prints and patterns!!

    In my career I know that it is not unusual for women to shy away prints and patterns. The more color the more pattern the scary it is to try. Some people hesitate wearing prints because it seems difficult or mysterious. Yet wearing them can be so pleasing to you. Let me answer a few questions about prints so you can start wearing them with confidence. Can petites wear large Read More…

  • Dec 11 2017
    by pamfriedlander
  • Holiday Party Style Strategies

    Happy Holidays! I wish all my clients friends, and family Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. May this be the year that every time you look in the Mirror you say to yourself “YOU GO GIRL “ Holiday Party Style Strategies You’re invited to a party or get together and you want to feel festive. What do you do? Do you rush out to the store after Read More…